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BG1 Mini Quests and Encounters [In Progress]


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Update: The mod is ready for release, so I took the link out.



Thanks to CamDawg I can give a link to the current alpha version:

(updates 21th November)


[link removed]


The version is compatible with BG1 (with or without TotSC), Tutu and BGT, and contains laguage versions English and German.


If you are interested in testing, please let me know. Make sure you deinstall and delete former versions, including the Slime Quest Mod. Be ready to update the version(s) as I tend to update testversions as soon as bugs are discovered (and fixed :cry: ).






as already stated at some places, I am currently preparing a BG1 mod, containing several Mini quests and encounters, all dealing with commoners in trouble of some sort. ;)


I will use this thread to give updates on the mod. If you have any comments or questions, please ask. Any feedback is appreciated.


The mod will be compatible with vanilla BG1, BG1 + TotSC, BG1Tutu, and BGT.


Status of the modification:

Version 1 (content wise): 100 % finished, alphatesting in progress


Description of the quests:


1. Slime quest


This quest is located in Beregost (house no "7" in Dudleyville's walkthrough, www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar3300.htm). If you pass one of the houses in the North-West, a woman dressed in red should approach you. There are some strange things going on in the house of her neighbour and she wants your help...

The quest was revised to meet known compatibility issues and a (more) evil quest solution was added.


2. Family treasure quest


This quest is also located in Beregost (house no "8" in Dudleyville's walkthrough, www.dudleyville.com/bg1/ar3300.htm). If you go into one of the houses in North-West of Beregost, you will meet a strange couple. They obviously have a serious problem, but haven't talked to each other for some time now. Although it seems that they aren't interested in talking to you, either, it might just be that you can solve the riddle and ease their worries... Or betray them and ruin the family completely.


3. Babysitting in Nashkell, including carneval encounter


This quest is located in Nashkell. Did you meet the desparate mother of two little children? She has an important thing to do, and is in great need of a trustable person who will watch over her children while she is away. So, fearless monster fighter, would you be ready for this challenge?

This quest is only solvable if the PC's reputation is higher than 12 or if the PC is a paladin.

At the Nashkell carneval, you can find Tina. The young woman is another tragic soul in need of some money... or so she sais.


4. Monster in Nashkell


Near the Manor House in Nashkell you can save little Arnim from a monster that's chasing him. On their way to Neverwinter, the family is currently staying at the Nashkell Inn. For such a heroic deed, the thankfulness of his parents should be all yours... shouldn't it?


5. Fallen paladin in Baldur's Gate


North in the city, in the temple of Helm, an evil fallen paladin is hiding. He slaughtered a little girl without hesitation... At least that is what the angered people in front of the temple are saying.


6. Undying love in the Fishing Village


The frightened woman in the left house is telling you that she is threatened by a monster that is hiding behind her house. Maybe you should go and take a look...


7. Lovesick Halfork


On the street, North of Nashkell, you meet Uguth. He is on his way to Baldur's Gate, to his beloved. From his appearance clearly decendent from halforks, he has to overcome some hindrances before he can take her into his arms.


8. Unexpected Help


In Candlekeep infirmary glum Sir Trun seeks healing from his wounds. He was injured heavily in a fight, but that doesn't seem to be his actual problem, as Linda, his fiance who is staying in Candlekeep Inn, can tell you...

This quest can be played either in the Prolog or after the return to Candlekeep, and can be finished anytime once started.


9. Extention of Bjornin Encounter


Bjornin, the hurt paladin in Beregost, impressed my PC deeply when meeting him the first time... So she wanted to be able to talk to him some more.

This component enables PCs (male and female) of reputation greater than 9 to have a more extensive conversation with Bjornin, but don't expect too much from an injured paladin.

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I am planning on integrating the slime quest into this package. It was revised, more playing options were aded, and I changed coding quite heavily. Meaning even for a stand alone version the new slime quest version is not compatible with former versions of the mod, tempting me to include it into the planned BG1 mod.


Please state your opinion. :cry:

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Aw, that's lovely! I was thinking of a small TUTU Quest Pack, myself, but I decided I was more into NPC development. I think it's a nice addition to the game.


EDIT: Yes, all in one package(Slime Quest included) sounds great.

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First post progress updated.


Alphatesting for vanilla BG1 (with or without TotSC) finished.

Tras have to be finished: Translations and proof-reading. After that, the vanilla BG1-version will be packed into a BG1-only mod version, before I move on to the Tutu/BGT version.


Just in case someone with a vanilla BG1 install who would like to playtest the quests is reading this: PM me and I will give you a link as soon as the mod is packed. ???


The vanilla BG1 install should be compatible with Echon's FotD (EDIT: a quick playthrough with my quest mod and FotD showed no incompatibilities. (YAY!)), and NTotSC.

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Thank you for the interest!


German beta version of the vanilla BG1 part is open public since a week or so.


BG1Tutu + BGT version is closed alpha; Testing is on hold until BG1NPC project is done.


berelinde: It's not that you haven't got anything elso to do! I am confident to get the PR after BG1NPC.


Just out of curiosity: Who is still playing vanilla BG1 (and not one of the conversions, i.e. BG1Tutu or BGT)?

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Guest grogerson

I have BG1 (Original Saga) on my PC, if that interests you. Your mod certainly interests me. :)


On the down side, I'm not a registered user of G3, so I can't e-mail or PM you. Cam should have my e-mail address after beta-testing the new and improved Dale Tweaks, and helping get it out the door.


One question, though. Is it/will it be compatible with BG1-UB?

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Thank you for the reply! If you are interested in playing, I can put a download link here once the English BG1 beta version is available.




I played the vanilla version with Echons "Field of the Dead" (Version 1.07) installed, and it was no problem, so I assume compatibility there,


and technically compatible it should be with, although not thoroughly tested yet

-BG1 Unfinished Business

-NTotSC (non-WeiDU) (not tested yet)

-Grey Clan Episode 1

-Herbs and Potions Add-In


I am sure I forgot other BG1 mods. My mod doesn't patch any files, except the usual script additions for spawning creatures, so technical compatibility is given as long as other mods do not replace area scripts, or if they do, my mod should be installed afterwards.

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Guest grogerson

Yes, I'm interested. I'll look for the link in this thread, then. I'll let you know if any problems occur with BG1-UB when I start playing. :)

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