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I wanted to know how i can test my translation ingame, for example i (or rahter https://www.deepl.com/translator) translated the X#NPCWAIT.TRA, but it doesnt work ingame, its still in English.

Also i have 2 Files X#NPCWAIT.TRA and fl#utf8_X#NPCWAIT.TRA.

Which one is it i have to translate?

And must i run EET-end.exe ?

I upload the German Translation for it.




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1 hour ago, Imiona said:

Also i have 2 Files X#NPCWAIT.TRA and fl#utf8_X#NPCWAIT.TRA.

Do not tinker with the tra files when the mod is installed.

Properly deinstall the mod. Then translate the file you are interested in.

Your translation is in German? bg1npc project has a folder for German tra-files. You can just place your translated tra file in there.

Format needs to be ANSI. Do.not use MSWord etc but a simple text editor or the files will be corrupted.

Install the mod.. The translated texts should now.be in the game.

More background info: the "utf8(...)tra" files are only created if the mod is installed. The tra files will be reversed after reinstallation. Meaning, whatever changes you apply to the tra files while the mod is installed, these changes will be simply gone after reinstalling the mod.

1 hour ago, Imiona said:

And must i run EET-end.exe ?

That depends? For playing EET: yes, of course.

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Hello, the translation of BG1NPC into Brazilian Portuguese or PtBr has already been completed and tested.  I will make it available for you to put in the mod.  The files exceed their total size so I can send them in a two-part ZIP

  Merry Christmas everyone.


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