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If you are a translation community who has already begun working on BG1 NPC files, as Clan DLAN has for Spanish translations, please contact me for information on the changes. The basic list of changes from the packages already in existence are summarized here, but please contact me for information on the files you are missing.


Don't worry; of all of the files listed here as changes, only one of Xan's files has any major changes and additional tra numbers. The vast majority of the changes logged are minor typographical, punctuation, or spelling errors ???


You may also be able to use some of the work (but only a little ) done on the BG1NPC.tra file - there have been soeme significant changes there.


We are anticipating one additional .tra file within the next few weeks, and perhaps the addition of a small set of lines to one of Ajantis' files.


The master list of changes is as follows:

linked for html display here.


I am currently creating a line-by-line comparison of changes (again, there are no significant changes in any but Xan's Lovetalk files at the current time) and will distribute that to the folks who have emailed me - if you have reqquested these through Domi, and have been told "just a few more days" for several months now, don't worry - PM me again to make sure, and i have almost completely final .tras available.




A note to the willing translation community - several of these individual .tra files number into the thousands. You may want to tackle this sort of thing with an entire community, rather than try to go it alone :p Please contact Domi or cmorgan if you have any questions or would like to participate in translating the final version of The BG1 NPC Project into your home language!

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Last version of tra files will be available with the official release.
Eh... That means, that we should wait with the translation until the next version of NPC project? Or that everything is ok (no big changes in future version) and we can start translating? :)
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Folks, I am so sorry, but I think it is safest to wait until after the release to get rlling on stuff.


I know, with the thousands (more than that, in fact, but II don't have a most recent count) of lines added, there will not be very many changes at this point, but there will be changes and some of them may be structural.


I will keep this stuff updated for the two communities that are already in progress, because they have alreadyput a good deal of work into translating these, but their job is going to be relatively tough. The existing .tras they have are going to need to be compared line by line versus the new ones, some strings moved, and some strings completely removed as they have been integrated into other .tras.


I promise we continue to work within our philosophy, which is to distribute small, individual matching D/TRA pairs, for ease of parceling out to multiple translators in your communities, and ease of our bugfixing, but my suggestion is to wait until I send out the big "final". I will post a separate .tra package up here(as many people can't access an .exe distribution at work), and perhaps even open up a wikki project area for folks to discuss and assist in this process, but it looks like the safest way to make sure your community does not have headaches in deealing with this is to wait until we get the final.


I am really sorry about this, because I know folks want to get these things started. I have attempted to change as little as possible in the .tra files by adding to the ends of them rather than rebuilding them and by keeping as much new content segregated from old as I can.

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Some people from our translation team already started working on that translation (for example half of Imoen tra file is already translated) so we would really appreciate, if you could remember us, when you get the last versions of some tra files. ;-)

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Then basically its better if we just continue with the files as we have them (adding the new files) and then just wait for you to tell us the difference between the files we have now and the ones of the final release...


I imagine if we keep making changes to the tras and you keep doing the same on your end, in the end everything's going to be a big mess!


So... yeah, maybe its easier for us all if we keep on doing what we are doing and worry about this changes later? what say you, cmorgan? :)

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Okay... then on our side we'll do it like this... translate what we have now (and those are the files I sent you and you made the difference list up there), and then you can compare them again with the latest version of the TRA files when the final version is released.


...and we'll make the required changes and take it from there.


The extra files that you have now, however, are being translated (the X#lp*.tra). :)


Thanks!! :)

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OK, folks, the contents of bg1npc\tra\english in v14 are considered stable. Any repair work we do from this point on will involve adding new lines to existing files or releasing whole new files, just like other mods - no more messing around moving thingsfrom file to file!!!


For folks using the .tra files from Beta3 (DLAN) I will post the differences as I generate them from WinMerge.


Please remember to drop all filenames to lowercase in your versions if they are from the Beta3. Many (most) of the changes listed are matters of punctuation, spelling, or removing spaces at the start of a line, so don't panic ;)


All 46 of these files are unchanged, but need to be renamed to lowercase:

P#IMANL2.tra   >   lowercase
P#WOLF.tra   >   lowercase
X#AJROADD_PR.tra   >   lowercase
X#ALORAN.tra   >   lowercase
X#ALOREPL.tra   >   lowercase
X#AR6001.tra   >   lowercase
X#ASSIST.tra   >   lowercase
X#CHOP.tra   >   lowercase
X#CORAN1.tra   >   lowercase
X#CRU11.tra   >   lowercase
X#DA0125.tra   >   lowercase
X#DAV01.tra   >   lowercase
X#DAV02.tra   >   lowercase
X#DAVI.tra   >   lowercase
X#DYBHA.tra   >   lowercase
X#DYINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#DYLAST.tra   >   lowercase
X#ELDOTHN.tra   >   lowercase
X#ELINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#FALDORN.TRA   >   lowercase
X#GARAR.tra   >   lowercase
X#GARRI.tra   >   lowercase
X#GORLET.tra   >   lowercase
X#IMPSPL.tra   >   lowercase
X#JAINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#KAINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#KHINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#MIRC.tra   >   lowercase
X#MOINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#MONTARON.tra   >   lowercase
X#PCBURY.tra   >   lowercase
X#PCBURY1.tra   >   lowercase
X#QUINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#SAFANA.tra   >   lowercase
X#SAINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#SHARTEEL.tra   >   lowercase
X#TIINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#TOTSC.tra   >   lowercase
X#VIINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#XAINT.tra   >   lowercase
X#XAN.tra   >   lowercase
X#XANQ.tra   >   lowercase
X#XZDQU.tra   >   lowercase
X#XZDR2.tra   >   lowercase
X#XZDR3.tra   >   lowercase
X#XZINT.tra   >   lowercase


Cosmetic Changes (no content changes for translators, just removing spaces from the beginning lines or changing from British "ou" to American "o" usage [e.g. "honour">"honor", etc]:



Hey, you know what - anywhere you write a new line and it has space at the front, don't put a space - that will reduce the unessesary changes I list (there were several thousand lines with extra spaces. And lots of other stuff like that. I will try to cull down to things which change meaning and lines, not stuff that was spelling or punctuation. )


And please - if you guys are set up to do this kind of difference detection, please let me know - I would hate to do all this if it is not needed for you guys. If needed, I will happily do -

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Great!! this is extremely helpful, when i peaked into the tra folder i wanted to die!!! I'll start right away. Our work is going very well both translating and proof reading, so it won´t take much longer ;)


Thank you very much, please keep on it, its great help!!!




PS: please note that some files changed name, like, in BETA 3 we have:







and some others


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Yes - that set of files is next up to check. The contents may not have changed, but i need to manually compare each to make sure. Updating thread with some more info - this will take me several days to complete, so just keep checking back and hopefully at least once per day I will have new infromation for you.

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