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Possible Aerie/Chanelle bug?


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First of all, let me say I LOVE this mod. I think it adds a lot more fun to BGII, and I have really enjoyed the encounters I've tried so far (haven't even left for spellhold/Underdark yet ;)).


However, I think I found an issue with the Chanelle encounter and Aerie's reaction. Which was basically, that Aerie reacted to my female PC bathing with Chanelle. I guess you could just read it as Aerie being a little prudish...but I assume she isn't supposed to react to what a female PC would do?


Just thought I should let you know, if you didn't already ;)


*runs off to keep playing*

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Aerie's reaction to Chanelle's encounter triggers if and only if Aerie is in party and her romance is active. You probably have multiromance installed, via Ease-Of-Use, BG2Tweaks or otherwise - check your Weidu.log.

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And, yes, I am happy to hear you liked the mod, and I'd like to welcome you to G3. It's just there've been a quite a few topics containing the word 'bug'(when it honestly wasn't a bug/was another mod's fault). I'm tempted to rename every "Is bug!" topic to "Is not", really. I'll resist the temptation, though. ;)

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Thanks, for the welcome and the quick reply. That's why I named the topic 'possible' bug as I wasn't sure if it was a bug or just a clash with another mod that I had installed.


I do have a few others, possibly multi-romancing installed, but I wasn't romancing Aerie at the time (though it is early in-game, so she may have just not tried to yet).


Edit: You could edit the topic title to say 'Resolved:' at the start - then people would know it isn't buggy ;)

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I've also just encountered Aerie's interjection regarding my female pc's interlude with Chanelle. The only mod I have installed is Romantic Encounters.


I think this may be occurring, (for me anyway), because of the Aerie and Haer'Dalis (Bioware) romance. It had currently started before I did the keep and it seems to give both of the npcs romance variables. Both Aerie and Haer'Dalis have RomanceActive 1 at this stage. I also still have both of them in the party.

Not only does Aerie interject but if my pc chooses to say that she slept with Chanelle, Aerie's romance active becomes 3 which I assume will stall the romance with Haer'Dalis. (I was hoping to have that completed so that the Haer'Dalis RE with my pc could occur later.)

I hope this makes sense. :)

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Aerie-Haer'Dalis romance is HaerdalisRomanceActive, as I recall. From what I know, AerieRomanceActive is romance variable for the main character, and for the main character only - but I'll double-check when I get home.

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I'm afraid I must add another possible bomb into this mess


Sometimes when I play a female PC, when I recruit Aerie into my party, without multi-rommance installed, her variable for RommanceActive is set at 1, when it should be zero or not there at all.


I usually use the NPC Flirt Packs, Lord M's Imoen Rommance Mod, Fade, Amber, Banter Packs V6, Accension or Chloe mod, depending on which would be compatibable with each other.

Anyway, I'm unsure if it happens in an unmodded game, and I have the latest patch installed for TOB, so I'm it is possible that this may be a culprit.


Either way I'm only speculating.

It hasn't happened to me yet, but who knows? :)

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It's interesting, thank you.


And I've also heard stories of AnomenRomanceActive automatically turning to 2 in ToB, too - I really must check this one.


I'm not sure what we can do if the game sets AerieRomanceActive to 1 if PC is female - treat her as a lesbian because the game says so? :) It'll be a Fixpack issue to correct, I suppose. But let me do the tests, first.

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I checked the game. Upon joining, AerieRomanceActive is indeed set to 1 for any PC, which, yes, is Wrong.


It's not RE issue, folks - and I don't think we'll be changing Aerie's joining dialogue. It's Fixpack\Baldurdash material, methinks. I haven't found aerie.dlg reference in Fixpack's .tp2, though - so I am not sure if Fixpack adresses the issue.

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Well, certainly Aerie had not been romancing my female pc previously in game, as I imagine the gender check caused the variable to be somewhat dormant. It wasn't until the interjection with Chanelle that I even thought to investigate.

I imagine this is going to keep coming up though. Any chance of a pinned thread informing people of the possibility and/or a note in the readme?

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AerieRomanceActive setting to 1 for any PC of any race is not Romance Encounters-specific, so I don't see any point. It's a glitch in the original game we will not be correcting. But I'll see if adding AerieMatch=1 variable fixes the issue on our end.

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I know it's already clear that it's not RE which is causing it, anyway, I've had a similar "problem" for years, but never bothered to find out what is causing it, because I enjoy it a lot. Jaheira frequently hits on my female PCs and Jaheira's and Anomen's broken romances are usually active again in ToB, as you said. I like this glitch, there can't be too much bantering for me and the first couple of banters aren't really romantic, anyway.

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Well thats one I haven't heard of.

And I'm a lil jealous too :)

Jaheria's rommance variable usually acts as it should, except when interefered with by mods that involve rommances themselves.


I know the Imoen Rommance mod sometimes causes a male PC to suddenly have a sucessfully rommanced Jaheria in the TOB section once the fight with Irenicus is over.


But for a female PC I'm not so sure. :)

Do you have any mods as suspect to this?


The ones I listed in my earlier post, save for the exception of Chloe because I haven't checked in ages, are generally clear for the female PC.


I am confident this can't be a fault of a patched version of BG2 TOB.

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It is a possibility with vanilla BG2, in a patched game. I've kicked Jaheira out of the party, left her in front of the Harpers, and had her start a lovetalk while not in the party, with a female PC. And I've also gotten lovetalks from Anomen in ToB, even after playing a mod that shut down his romance in SoA.


I've played the game through enough times with a male PC to know all I want to know about Jaheira's and Aerie's romance. Now I only really play with a female PC. So there isn't much point in installing the multi-romance tweak, so I don't bother.

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