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I hope this is the right place to post this. I originally posted this over at SHS but, I would like it here. Everyone seems very nice here. I'm sure they are nice over there too but, I feel more comfortable here. I do post on these forums the most :( Anyway, A couple of weeks ago I got the idea to attempt to write a romance mod. I have never tried this before so, if it's horrid, please tell me and save me from further embarassment laugh.gif The ability scores don't seem right to me but then again, I'm going into this project with no experience at it. I wanted to choose a thief because for a female PC, rangers and mages have been done alot. But, I'm not sure if my idea of a thief for him is reasonable. Here is what I have so far......





Name: Calin Age: 125

Race: Elf

Class: Thief Kit: undecided

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Str: 10

Dex: 18

Con: 13

Int: 14

Wis: 12

Cha: 17


Proficency: Longbow


Calin is a chaotic good elven thief who was born in the Forest of Cormanthyr but

lived in Deepingdale most of his life. His parents were killed while he was

quite young which led to him being taken in by a human theif named Martin. Martin taught Calin how to find/disarm traps and pick locks. Stealing on the other hand, was something he found distasteful and didn't want to learn. He also still prefered his longbow over any other weapon. When Martin died, He decided to travel and perhaps a little adventuring. His travels eventually lead him to Athkatla. When he arrives there, he finds himself in Waukeen's Promenade and witnessess a scene he won't soon forget.


Calin will romance any good or neutral aligned female protagonist with an Intelligence and Charisma of 12 except halflings and half-orcs. The reason for this is, an orc raiding party was responsible for killing his parents and, tho he gets along with halflings for the most part, he thinks of them as children. He will however, gain

great respect for Mazzy, just not a first. He won't romance assassins or necromancers.



Personality: Calin is tolerant of anyone he meets who isn't evil tho he has trouble

with people who are weak-minded or think they are better than he is. whistling.gif

Despite the fact that he has traveled for awhile, he isn't accustomed to being

around alot of people. He has always prefered to be more of a loner. Overall,

He has a cheerful disposition and is willing to help those in need but he does prefer

to be away from cities whenever possible. Reputation will matter to him and it must

be at least 11 to start the romance. 15 if want to keep him. If you are rude to him,

he will leave. If the PC is an Elf, some of the dialogue will be different as well as parts of the romance.


Unless I change my mind, he doesn't have a quest. He was just passing thru and offers to help the PC recover Imoen. And this is because I couldn't think of a reason for him being there that hasn't been used a few times already.



Calin will have a flirt pack, interjections with all Bioware NPC's as well all mods

with potential romance conflicts Edwin, Xan, Tsujatha...etc. I am hoping to have him

voiced as well. But, I am learning as I go so, I'll keep my fingers crossed.



I have a partial love talk, a rough one tho so please go easy on me.

It takes place at rest, outside of town, at night and is pre-spellhold but at the

turning point from friends to commitment. Some of this was my youngest son's idea.



Calin: Would you care to join me for a walk <charname>?


1. "Yes, (you smile at Calin) I'd love to join you." (Interested)


2. "I'm sorry Calin, I really don't feel it would be appropriate." (Romance over-friends)





Calin: "How are this evening? You seem....out of sorts."



(Romance Over)


Calin: "Ah, I see....well then mellonamin, I bid you goodnight."





PC: (You look at Calin in stunned silence for a moment) "Well, I ah...no one has

asked me that in a long time. In truth, I am a bit terrified. Irenicus is no

ordinary enemy."



(Calin stops walking and turns to face you)


Calin: " I won't allow that monster to harm you ever again. We will find a way to

defeat him and get Imoen back....together"


(Calin places his hand on your cheeck and leans in to kiss you)


1. (With your heartbeat racing, you lean in to meet his kiss) (Commited)


2. Calin, I....I can't do this. There is someone else." (Romance over-friends)




(Your lips meet and Calin wraps his arms around you while deepening the kiss. You feel your knees go weak and melt into his arms)




Calin: "I...am sorry <charname>. Come then mellonamin, let us get back to camp."




I'll stop there.

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I wanted to choose a thief because for a female PC, rangers and mages have been done alot.

There are two great tiefling thiefs already ;) And one vampire. And some humans (Vanim, Silverstar)


Proficency: Longbow

Plain thief can not use it


Sorry, but this description looks not so interesting :(

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I'm afraid your character looks like a bit too plain as for now. I don't mean too generic - this could be a good thing with all those drow-half-dragons-outsiders-etc. NPC mods, but just... too usual. I don't see anything that might attract players and their PCs to him. And the motivation "he just wants to help"... errrm. IMHO, people don't usually risk their lives on daily basis for a complete stranger because they "just want to help".

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Why not? That's said, I am not a big fan of the elves raised by humans, and would have given an elven plain thief a far more flamboyant background than yet another elven orphan raised by a human out of goodness of his heart - which to be honest if his parents died when he was very young is nearly impossible simply due to the ageing differences (a faerunian elf matures by the time he is 120) . Anyway, for more practical comment, it is better to have more replies than 2 to chose from in a lovetalk, and I wouldn't be interrupting the romance just on one 'inappropriate' reply alone. My hottest recommendations to everyone in modding is restrict romance breaking to clearly offensive answers in the dialogues (if them), and a very clear option in the player-initiated dialogue. The latter in particular takes the paranoia out of picking an option in the dialogue. :(


EDIT: why not make his mentor a half-elf and a half-brother to his mother or something like that, to make a connection. I know it's a bit of a reference to NWN2, but at least it will straighten the chronology and the motives.

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A thief is very much OK (the tieflings are both women, and Silverstar is evil. I don't know about Vanim) - always a good choice if you want the player to actually do something interesting with him.


But your thief definitely needs more interesting personal features, something that says to the player "Now *that* is someone who might be interesting to explore, talk with, etc...". Why not make him more of a swashbuckling type, for instance - I don't think we have such a one in the list of mod NPCs. Of course, if he is, his dialogue is much too tame. Which it is anyway, btw. A dialogue needs some tension, especially in a romance. As a rule, a romance dialogue where the player knows exactly where (s)he's going to end with every option isn't worth writing.


Having said that, you can also just start making the mod. Characters often grow with the writing.

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There's nothing wrong with doing "generic," if by that, you mean the NPC in question is more of a "normal person." Saddle the NPC with too many quirks, and you'll have a very trite NPC.


You can find a collection of useful tools and links in this forum, especially in the NPC Creation Series part 2, "Organize before you write," although you will also want to check out part 1, "Definitions, tools, and resources." I say part 2 because that includes links to subjects you might find useful, like actual creation and dialogue tutorials, including theacefes's "How to make an NPC if you are a nOOb," which is actually posted here, but there are other links you might like there as well.


Everybody wants to do something "really different" with his or her NPC, so there are actually very few humans (and even fewer halflings, dwarves, gnomes, or half-orcs), very few with "standard" professions, and even less that don't have some kind of cliche about them somewhere. It is entirely possible that no one has yet written a human male fighter. There is one human female fighter, Auren.


What makes an NPC memorable (in a good way) isn't the gimicks, it's the writing. If the writing is good, even a character with the most plebian race/class/stats/background will come to life, and will prove popular because of it. After all, I've not read a single person say they don't like Auren, and she's just a human fighter.


I know, BioWare saddled us ladies with nothing but a human fighter/cleric, but let's take a rundown on mod NPC's who offer a romance for a female protagonist.


Solaufein: drow elven fighter/mage

Kelsey: human sorcerer

Tsujatha: elven necromancer, from another plane

Edwin romance: human conjurer

Kivan: elven archer

Xan: (BG1 and BG2) elven enchanter

Sarah: (BG2 in development) human ranger

Ajantis: (BG1 is out, BG2 in development) human paladin

Coran: (BG1) elven fighter/thief

Valygar romance: (BG2, in development) human stalker

Darian: (BG2, in development) elven archer

Gavin: (BG1 is out, BG2 in development) human cleric


Six out of eleven are elves!


If I ever write another romanceable male NPC, it's going to be a male half-orc.

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If I ever write another romanceable male NPC, it's going to be a male half-orc.

Really hope you will make him some day :(


btw, just remembered one more romancable human male thief in progress - Khadion, son of Aran Linvail.

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If I ever write another romanceable male NPC, it's going to be a male half-orc.

Really hope you will make him some day :(


btw, just remembered one more romancable human male thief in progress - Khadion, son of Aran Linvail.


Yes, of course! How could I forget?


Actually, I didn't. Khadion shows a lot of promise, but while I have every confidence that he will be released someday, I'm not sure when that will be.


But there were a couple I did forget, and I should be ashamed of myself for *at least* one of them:


Aklon!!!!: (BG2, in development) human monk

Fiars: (BG2, in development) human assassin

Cailean: (BG2, in development) half-elven ranger


So, including Khalidon and these guys, that's six elves, one half-elf, and eight humans.

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Heh, too bad IWD2 doesn't qualify ;) That would add up an aasimar sorcerer and a drow fighter to the list.


There is also:


Valen (NWN1) - tiefling fighter (I think, didn't play NWN1)

Carth (KOTOR 1) - human fighter :(

Sky (JE) - human rogue (but basically a fighter)

Casavir (NWN2) - human paladin


I think there is a half-romance with somebody in KOTOR 2 as well.... nd Bishop's half-romance in NWN2 (human ranger).

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You did add BG1. It is kindda depends on perception, you wither want to take the world of Bio-BI-Obsidian as a whole, or just concentrate on BG2.... But if you do take other games into the account, there are a number of human options, in fact Bio doesn't do anything but humans for the females, it seems, apart from one tiefling. And they promise an elf in DA.

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Perhaps I shouldn't have, but with the NPCs available for Tutu and BGT, I figured that a player might begin in one and move to another. If it were possible to move a party from IWD2 to BG1 to BG2, however, I'd be adding them to the list. I'm not leaving you out! :(

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And, the gnome-dwarf-halfling category is up for grabs! I am actually surprised that there is no half-elves, apart from that half-dead project at PPG. People seems to like that race well enough for the females romanceables.

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