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BG1 Tutu allows you to continue the game after defeating Sarevok: could something similar be done for SoA?


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Forgive me if this subject has been raised before, as no doubt it has been thought of.


BG1 Tutu makes it possible to continue the game after the final battle with Sarevok. In one Tutu game, after defeating Sarevok I took the party on to complete the four ToSC quests, etc. I have found it interesting to have the PC and Imoen return to Candlekeep, for example, before exporting the PC's character file (to then be imported into BG2).


If the same bug or workaround can be exploited with BG2, this would be a nice feature to make available. I realize this may be this is an unintended peculiarity, or bug, with BG1 Tutu. And perhaps the same thing isn't possible with SoA due to hardcoding.


The storyline of BG2 is much more linear than BG1. After 20,000 GP is raised to rescue Imoen, sidequesting doesn't really make sense. At least for decent protagonists who care about their kid sister, and who feel compelled to help save the elven city (which is in great peril, and requires immediate assistance).


If you can go ahead and follow the SoA plotline, defeat Irenicus, and then head off to take on most of the sidequesting, that makes much more roleplaying sense.

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Yes, I thought about that, too. And there are some mod NPCs like Kivan or Xan, I think they really don't like any delays in saving Suldanesselar, if I remember correctly. It would be great if one could finish all his business in SoA before continue on to ToB!

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Yes, for the pacing of the game, it'd be good if you could go and finish up quests and such around Amn before moving on to the ToB portion of the game. Any such mod would require a bit of dialogue, and some sort of "Ok, I'm ready to continue with the story" type dialogue with Ellisime, but it could work fairly well. In fact, I think the transition between SoA and ToB mentions how you stay in Suldenessalar for several months before being urged to continue.

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NIGHTMARE has already done most of the legwork for this with one of the components of his "Imoen the Bard" mod. According to the readme, the current version still requires you to use the console in order to do the transition, but all someone would need to do is add a little dialogue with Eliseme (which is what NIGHTMARE planned to do, himself).

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Thanks Drew. :thumbsup:


For reference sake, here's what the NITB readme says


"Endless SoA

This component allow you to continue playing SoA even after the final cutscene in Suldanessellar. Note that you'll have to use the console to get to ToB, though in the future, I'll add extra dialogue options to Ellesime to avoid this."


Can anyone tell me exactly how to use the CLUA Console to do this?


And does this refer to the cutscene where you defeat Irenicus on the Tree of Life, before entering hell? Because plotwise, heading off to sidequest at that stage that wouldn't really make sense either...


Ideally, one would want to return to all of SoA's maps to sidequest after defeating Irenicus in hell (the very end of SoA).

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This is a FANTASTIC idea, and I'm surprised no one except ImoentheBard's author thought of it already.


If the author needs writers, I'd be more than glad to think of things the elves around Suldanessalar could say. Imagine a huge mod in the future that basically makes the city a "second locus" (Athkatla), with new quests to embark on given by citizens of the Elven city.


Pity I have absolutely no modding experience whatsoever, cause I'd start immediately if I did.


Another reason this idea is so cool, besides the obvious storyline reasons, is that rushing through the game at the speed the plot naturally pushes you would make for a nice challenge.


I wonder if such a mod would also have to completely replace many of the creature files in existing quest areas with harder counterparts to compensate for your high, post-Hell levels?

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Can anyone tell me exactly how to use the CLUA Console to do this?


I asked this same question in the misc. mods forum (in the thread where Endless SoA is discussed) ages ago and it never received an answer. Does anybody know the answer to this question, or is it a state secret :) ?



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