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Question for Realm loremasters


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A Heal or a Limited Wish spell can do that.





Range: 30 yds. Components: V, S

Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 2

Area of Effect: 1-4 creatures Saving Throw: Neg.

in a 20-ft. cube


By means of this spell, the spellcaster causes creatures within the area of effect to forget the events of the previous round (the one minute of time previous to the utterance of the spell). For every three levels of experience of the spellcaster, another minute of past time is forgotten. This does not negate charm, suggestion, geas, quest, or similar spells, but it is possible that the being who placed such magic upon the recipient could be forgotten. From one to four creatures can be affected, at the discretion of the caster. If only one is to be affected, the recipient saves vs. spell with a -2 penalty; if two, they save with -1 penalties; if three or four are to be affected, they save normally. All saving throws are adjusted by Wisdom. A priest's heal or restoration spell, if specially cast for this purpose, will restore the lost memories, as will a limited wish or wish, but no other means will do so.


Alternatively, an elixir made from the essence of an Obliviax can be used instead.




Obliviax, or memory moss, is an evil black moss with the ability to steal memories, even memorized spells.It grows in small patches and must have sunlight to spur reproduction by spores, though it needs no light for growth. It prefers a balance of wet and dry, and cannot abide cold temperatures.


The moss senses intelligent creatures within 60 feet; it chooses one, preferring wizards, then other spellcasters. This victim must make a saving throw vs. spells or lose all memory of the last 24 hours. The obliviax continues to attack once per round until it succeeds and then makes no more attacks for 24 hours. If an obliviax with stolen memories is attacked, it forms part of itself into a tiny moss imitation of the creature whose memories it stole. This mossling remains attached to the parent moss and defends it by casting stolen spells.


To regain stolen memories, a victim must eat the living obliviax, which takes one round. If a saving throw vs. poison is successful, the eater regains all stolen memories and spells; if the saving throw fails, the eater becomes very ill for 3d6 turns. Extra memories and spells can be gained by eating obliviax which has fed on someone else recently. Spells can be used by the eater, but all such memories fade within a day.


A potion of forgetfulness can be distilled from obliviax, and its spores can be used to make an elixir to restore the memories of the forgetful or senile.

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Hmm, I was looking more for some sort of object that contains that specific memory. The way I was approaching it, was more of that the memory/knowledge hasn't been forgotten, but actually removed as though the person had never known it in the first place.


On the other hand, since I'm looking at this in order to add a kit to a sorcerer, a better approach is probably to use the genie just outside the starting cells (the guy who summons an ogre mage and asks you all sorts of questions about what type of person you are). A new dialogue option or two would be a better way to add this more seamlessly to the game.

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There are elven kiira stones, they could be used to contain memories and spells. First appearance in Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves sourcebook (IIRC it's a free download on WotC site), maybe Magic of Faerun or Lost Empires also have info on them (don't remember). But they are quite rare and often keyed to some specific bloodline, or have other prerequisites.

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I'm looking for some sort of item that could be used to regain memories/knowledge that have been forcibly removed.


PS:T comes to mind at once. Were these devices canon, I wonder? Probably not, but I think you can reference to something created on one of the Planes and get away with it.

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Honestly, if you need your answer any time soon better to ask in the General Chat or Running the Realms sections of Candlekeep, as you could wait years for Ed Greenwood to answer your specific question, if he gets to it at all. That's not a knock on Ed, by any means. Just the practical reality of the situation. Ed Greenwood has an enormous backlog of questions in that thread.


You can also ask at Wizards of the Coast: http://forums.gleemax.com/forumdisplay.php?f=9

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