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Sapient Staff Micro-Mod released in WEIDU


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Get it here .


Spell Name: Sapient Staff

School: Conjuration / Summoning

Level: 1

Casting time: 1

Duration: 1 Turn

Target: One Staff, Stick, or Cylindrical Object Made Of Wood

Save: None


It is often said that one cannot judge a wizard by the length of his staff, though wizards well practiced in the use of this spell would disagree. Indeed, in magical academies where Sapient Staff is in common use, it is expected for young mages to debate over who among them has the power to call forth the longest staff of all. The power and purpose of this spell is to call forth an extension of the wizard’s will, to animate an ordinary quarterstaff and send it into battle on behalf of its master. While this spell is tremendously useful, it also carries dangers. Sending forth his staff drains the wizard of a certain portion of his vital essence, his knowledge and his will; indeed, the bigger the staff, the more debilitating its use becomes. Young wizards who rely too heavily upon the power of the staff may find advancement in the ranks of magic more difficult to achieve, while the most experienced wizards may find careers destroyed by imprudent deployment of their massive staves. There are many reports of the staves of wizards great and small surviving the deaths of their masters, wandering the halls of ancient ruins and forgotten temples. Stories are often told of young apprentices tormented for years or guided towards greatness by a particularly potent staff. A wild staff is properly referred to as a “Tonkerâ€Â.

The power of the staff increases with the skill of its creator as follows;


Level 1-4 = Junior Staff.

Level 5-9 = Staff Sergeant.

Level 10-14 = Tonker.

Level 15-19 = Senior Staff.

Level 20+ = Big Tonker.


While all staves are somewhat resistant to magic, they are not invulnerable, and of course every wizard’s staff has a mind of its own.


Ecology of the Free Tonker:


Once free from its master’s control, the average staff will seek a dry, cool nesting place, preferably near a source of magical energy. Behind the book-cases in a large magical library, the back of a dry closet containing a few magical robes, or the corner of a well equipped magical laboratory would all be ideal.


Free staves often act as de-facto guards in the more well-established academies of magic; sometimes difficult to communicate with or control, these free staves are rarely dangerous unless aroused. Generally they will become quite protective of the students who practice magic daily in their presence, and can be trusted to defend them from intruders. However, roughhousing or teasing is very difficult for them to understand. The very best advice one can give to a young apprentice in such an academy is not to play with his Tonker.

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I don't see anything in the .tp2 that assigns the staff to a store or a creature or a container. If it's to be summoned by the CLUAConsole, you might want to add the instructions to the readme. ;)

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I don't see anything in the .tp2 that assigns the staff to a store or a creature or a container.  If it's to be summoned by the CLUAConsole, you might want to add the instructions to the readme.  ;)

Thanks Icelus. It's in the third line of the ReadMe. The spell will eventually be taught by one of the books included in my Ritual Magic mod; these will be available both from a new store and as loot from a new encounter.

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Oh... you mean this line?


To add the scroll, CLUAConsole:CreateItem(“tacstafâ€Â)


Yeah... um... nevermind. I seem to be having some... functional difficulties lately. Sorry. ;)

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