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Shapeshifter armor


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Where and how does the game know to assign the Druid Shapeshifter kit, its invisible armor upon character creation? Is this something that is hard-coded in, or can it be simulated for other items for other kits (invisible, unremovable items in certain slots)?

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The shapeshifter class cannot equip any armor. This is due to an invisible suit of armor that starts out equipped in the Armor slot for a Shapeshifter Druid. I was wondering if I can do the same thing, and stick an invisible item in the off-hand slot of a certain kit to prevent the kit from being able to use 2-handed weapons. Preferably, I'd like the game to avoid wiping this item out when a new game is created, or all the items are forcefully removed from my characters inventory.

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It is possible to create an item in the armor slot.

In this case, it is an AP_SP.... entry in the CLAB file.

This would be pretty easy to find, determine the item (ctrl-m ingame).

Then look for a spell which creates this item (DLTCEP can do it).

Or just check the spells in the shapechanger CLAB one by one.

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It's possible, but like aVENGER says, it's certainly not the default behavior for anything (as I stated, the flags in the ITM control whether a specific character can equip the item or not).


I'm sure you can just find the opcode to create item in slot and stick an item in the shield slot from the SPCL (from your kit's CLAB) and make sure it doesn't ruin anything. You can set the magical and undroppable flags (but not unsellable/plot) to keep it from getting transferred; I don't see why it wouldn't work.


It is, however, incredibly, incredibly lame to stick undroppable items in players' inventory slots. Just having your SPCL apply a gigantic offhand THAC0 penalty might be better (maybe your one-handed kit guy can sort of stick something in his stump, but it won't really be usable).

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I was wrong about grafting a permanent item onto Shapeshifters. Its actually created when the Druid changes shape.


I was more thinking of the possible undroppable item in the left hand of a monk and hoping to simulate this to provide a bit more variety in the selection of kit drawbacks availiable without having to much with kit unusibility flags.

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