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Romantic Encounters: accepting submissions


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Hey, if you ever do a section for Baldur's Gate I offer Interactive Harlots :-D


Title: Purchased Love

Author: Thimblerig

Coder: [smart, Nice Person]

Rating: Teen

Summary: The ladies of the Undercellar are now open for business! (A collection of short, non-graphic encounters if you talk to the generic prostitutes. Oh, and it's twenty gold a pop.)

Variables: None


Status: Writing complete

Notes to coder: Please add this script to the generic prostitutes in the Undercellar.

Script Actions: Uses TakePartyGold(20) and RestParty() to represent a successful transaction, and RandomNum at the start.




IF undercellarstart

SAY ~(The prostitute's cubicle doesn't have a door, just a dingy, half-open curtain.)~

+ ~RandomNum(10,1)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucpurchasedlove

+ ~RandomNum(10,2)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucdisgust

+ ~RandomNum(10,3)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + uccold

+ ~RandomNum(10,4)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucwhichway

+ ~RandomNum(10,5)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + uctiringmaid

+ ~RandomNum(10,6)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucbusy

+ ~RandomNum(10,7)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + uccertifiedclean

+ ~RandomNum(10,8)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucturneddown

+ ~RandomNum(10,9)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + uchotlibrarian

+ ~RandomNum(10,10)~ + ~(Pull aside the curtain.)~ + ucslumming

++ ~(Walk away.)~ EXIT



/* purchased love */


IF ucpurchasedlove

SAY ~I don't love you, but for twenty gold I can pretend for the night.~

++ ~Twenty it is.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++~Not this time.~ EXIT



/* disgust */


IF ucdisgust

SAY ~Sune's Tits but this place is nasty.~

=~Another month and I can buy out my contract and set up someplace *nice*.~

=~Up for a roll, then?~

++~Okay.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++~I think I'll go someplace nicer myself.~ + ucdisgust2

++~Not right now.~ EXIT



IF ucdisgust2

SAY ~Can't blame you. Now move along - I see another customer.~




/* cold */


IF uccold

SAY ~Hey there, come on in.~

=~You look cold, kiddo.~

=~Get your kit off, and I'll warm you up.~

++ ~Why thank you, I'm freezing.~ + uccold2

++ ~Actually, I was just leaving.~ EXIT



IF uccold2

SAY ~Your hands are *icy*. I'll put them someplace hotter.~

=~(Gasp). Mmmmmm.~

++ ~I have other things that are cold...~ +DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Excuse me, I have to go.~ EXIT



/* which way */


IF ucwhichway

SAY ~How do you want it: front, back, or something with tongue?~

++ ~Front, please.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Back, thank you.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~I'd like something with tongue.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~I prefer to watch.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Eh, not for me.~ EXIT



/* tiringmaid *


IF uctiringmaid

SAY ~Hey Calinda, lace me up? (Drat it, where did my glasses go.)~

++ ~(Help the girl with the laces of her bodice.)~ + tiringmaid2

++ ~I'm not Calinda.~ + tiringmaid3



IF tiringmaid2

SAY ~Good and tight, now.~

= ~(Squeak.)~

IF ~~ tiringmaid3



IF tiringmaid3

SAY ~Oh, but you're a customer! I thought you were one of the girls.~

= ~Well, would you like to *un*lace me then?~

++ ~With pleasure.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~I was just passing through.~ EXIT



/* busy */


IF ucbusy

SAY ~(Moan)~

= ~Customer: (Grunt)~

=~Ack! Can't you *knock?*~

++ ~I'll leave you two to it.~ + ucbusy2

++ ~My eyes!~ + ucbusy2

++ ~Awww, can't I join in?~ + ucbusy2

++ ~Don't stop on my account.~ + ucbusy2



IF ucbusy2

SAY ~Get out of here!~

= ~Stupid curtain.~

= ~Now where were we, stud?~

= ~Customer: (Grunt.)~




/*clean and can prove it */


IF uccertifiedclean

SAY ~Hang on, I'll get my papers out.~

=~There, see? Disease free, as of last week.~

=~The doctor wrote me a letter and everything.~

=~Wanna spend some time with me, honey-sweet?~

++~Sure.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++~Um... no.~ EXIT



/* she turns you down */


IF ucturneddown

SAY ~I'm sorry but I can't.~

=~You look too much like -~

=~Please, just go.~




/* hot librarian */


IF uchotlibrarian

SAY ~I'm working on a new look. Do these glasses make me look like a hot librarian?~

++ ~Like a librarian, yes, but not hot.~ + uchotlibrarian2

++ ~Your eyes look *huge*.~ + uchotlibrarian3

++ ~I grew up in a library and I am having *all kinds of thoughts* right now.~ + uchotlibrarian4



IF uchotlibrarian2

SAY ~Oh well, back to the drawing board.~

++ ~How about a naughty cleric of Lathander, Lord of the Morning?~ + uchotlibrarian2.1

++ ~I've always found intriguing the contrast between the rough, heavy armour of the Flaming Fist and the fragile, tender flesh underneath. Maybe you could work up something with that?~ + uchotlibrarian2.1

++ ~Have you thought of the nymph look? Can't go wrong with a few veils and a lot of green paint *I* say.~ uchotlibrarian2.1

++ ~I think a smile is the best way to spice up a look.~ + uchotlibrarian2.1

++ ~I have no ideas, but good luck.~ + uchotlibrarian3



IF uchotlibrarian2.1

SAY ~Hm. I will think on what you say.~

IF ~~ uchotlibrarian5



IF uchotlibrarian3

SAY ~Thank you, honey. (If only I could see through these glasses, Tymora take it.)~

IF ~~ uchotlibrarian5



IF uchotlibrarian4

SAY ~I'll take that as a yes, honey.~

IF ~~ uchotlibrarian5



IF uchotlibrarian5

SAY ~Thanks for the feedback. Now would you be interested in a little... else?~

++ ~Oh yes! Could you... keep the glasses on?~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Sure, but no props.~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~This is all a little bookish for me. I'll go elsewhere.~ EXIT



/* slumming it */


IF ucslumming

SAY ~I believe the appropriate monetary renumeration for this encounter is twenty gold?~

++ ~So I understand.~ + ucslumming2

++ ~No, it's ten.~ + ucslumming2

++ ~Actually, they're running a promotion tonight: new customers are free.~ + ucslumming2



IF ucslumming2

SAY ~Very well.~

= ~Ohhh, this feels so *dirty*. I cannot wait to tell the girls.~

= ~Quick, tell me to do something improper.~

++ ~Uh-~ + ucslumming3

++ ~I think-~ + ucslumming3

++ ~You should-~ + ucslumming3



IF ucslumming3

SAY ~*Now* peon. I mean... *customer*.~

++ ~Come here, woman!~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Ooh, I have a list of improper things. We'll start with...~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~I feel used and yet intrigued. Let's do this. First, you should...~ + DO ~TakePartyGold(20) RestParty()~ EXIT

++ ~Ah, I think I'll go elsewhere.~ EXIT



(I *think* the cubicles in the UC didn't have doors, but I don't currently have a save in the appropriate area and the online wikis are unclear. If I got it wrong, then sub in the lines:


"The prostitute's cubicle..." => "The prostitute's cubicle has a flimsy, half-open door."

"Pull aside the curtain." => "Push open the door."

"Stupid curtain." => "Stupid door.")

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This is great! I have a secrit BG1 RE in the makes, where your contribution would fit perfectly! Currently, it has 9 finished encounters from two authors, and I won't write any more. But this won't go public until there aren't at least 9 contributions from other people...


The package currently includes:

-Bardolan (the guard in Nashkel)




-Lord Eltan

-Laurel, the gibberling chasing paladin

-3 custom characters


Not all of them finish with intimacies, though. :)

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Thanks :-)


@Kulyok - I really appreciate the offer, but since Jastey's doing a BG1 version, that seems the place for this.

Also also, your Sellsword and Brynnlaw mods look really cool. Time for a replay :-)


@Jastey - If you want to use this, I would be honoured. I had some thoughts about Ender Sai, that thief you rescue in the Bandit Camp. If I get it off the ground (sometimes I get distracted), I'll send it in.



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Our work on BG1 RE progresses very well(the workroom is filled with all sorts of good stuff!), so I'd just like to remind everyone that there's still time to submit stuff for RE, too, until v7 is released! Just post in this thread or PM me with your submission. Preferably fully coded, but if the dialogue is coded in .d, it should be enough. If you don't know how .d coding works, look here.

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Version 7 is done. All further submissions will go to v8. (Did that sound scary and official? I hope it did.)


Which means: please, feel free to post your submissions here or PM them to me, as long as the dialogue is coded, but some time will pass before the next version's release. Or it will be bugged and I'll have to release v8 tomorrow. Never mind.


Or you can go submit cool stuff to Jastey's RE for BG1 right now, while it's still in the works. I did.

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