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Flirt suggestions


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As you can see in the "Romance Wishlist" thread, the romance will include flirts, á la the Forgotten Wars Flirt Packs. Technically, our flirts will work just like theirs (since we are going to steal... err... borrow their code) – you click on the "talk" icon, click on the character and chose one of the alternatives.


But the actual flirts will of course be different, and this is where you come in, Dear Reader. Is there anything particular you want to say or do to Haer'Dalis, and how do you think he would react? And since flirting is an activity for two people, what would you like Haer'Dalis to say or do to you (or to your character, if that's how you feel)?


All ideas are welcome, although I can't promise everything will be included. And this thread will be here for a while, so there's no hurry :D

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How would he react to the infamous 'I love you' that is blurted out by charname maybe tad too early?


Three options pop into mind:


1. Feel pushed / annoyed / strangled ect.

Reaction: bolt away


(Somehow this does not feel right to me. These are feeling of a someone not sure about himself or his feelings. And / or someone who takes love reeeeally seriously.)


2. Feel flattered, intoxicated

Reaction: respond with feverish affection, forget it the next day.


(Perhaps the most chaotic reaction.)


3. Fell troubled, but not really that cornered


Reaction: change subject and lose charname into the maze of words like only he can.



I'm sure there are other possibilities too, but thse were the first ones that popped to my mind.



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have the PC say something he totally doesn't expect, that would make him arch a brow and grin, as to which he'd say something like "Really? I had no idea you were that kinky! Will have to investigate that further at some point." or something along those lines.


I also do like the idea (forgot which thread the person suggested it) of taking a warm romantic bath with Haer, that could get interesting!

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Have an option to 'grab Haer'Dalis and plant a huge kiss on him'.


How would he reply?


Casual path - perhaps say something like 'so, do you have plans for tonight?' with a suggestive grin


Romantic path - do the whole sweeping the PC low and responding, like they do is all those romantic movies *sigh*


Obsessive - hmm, perhaps be flattered, but say something about how a soon to be deity should have more dignity.

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Firstly, I wanted to say:


"Yay! I'm not the only one who thinks Haer'Dalis would make a cool romance!"


That said, I think it would be amusing for the PC to make up some romantic poetry or song of her own for him. I'm not sure if it would be feasible to code, but reactions could range from:


1. (If CHARNAME is a bard) Be touched/amused/flattered, and compliment her skill.

2. (If CHARNAME is not a bard) Be flattered, perhaps commend the effort.

3. (If CHARNAME has low Cha/Int) Be awkwardly amused? Change the subject?


Well, that's just something I had floating around in my brain. Hope it helps.

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Kismet and St. Josephine wrote 'Daydream about Cailean'-flirt. I though that was really cute one and would love to see the topic used for other flirtpacks too.  :D


Hmm... how does that work as a flirt? I assume it includes some kind of interaction, and I also assume Cailean isn't into mind reading... well, perhaps I should just head over to their forum and take a look.


I'd like to see HD kiss the players eyelids, it's sweet.


Sorry, due to technical limitations in the infinitly engine we can't do that. Is Haer'Dalis kissing the character's eyelids good enough? :D

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I'd like to see HD kiss the players eyelids, it's sweet. 




Sorry, due to technical limitations in the infinitly engine we can't do that. Is Haer'Dalis kissing the character's eyelids good enough? 



I think it's fairly obvious I meant to write player character's eyelids. Silly me. :D

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Dare I even write this, without the fear that all the romantics on this forum will attack me. :)


I have always missed in the romances the aggressive approach from the player character. I mean, flirting with touching seductively etc. Yes it is alright for Viconia to be sexually aggressive, but not the pc :suspect: . Though I don't know how it would make Haer¨dalis react, mayde he wouldn't like it at all? But oh well, that's ok too. (Or mayde Dali likes more the wounded type of women - f.e. Aerie?)


But I would really like to give my character the possobility to be able to express some instincts too, not only love talk. And I don't mean explicit content either, just some soft touches etc., but a bit more aggressive than soft sweet kissing.

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Non-spoiler version: I'll keep your suggestions in mind.


Spoiler version:


(it's not a big spoiler, but I figured I'd give people a choice. I realize that the yellow text is far from invisible on a white background and if you're using one of the darker skins it doesn't work at all, but you can't make everybody happy. Highlight to read)


I'm already planning to let the flirt options you choose affect how fast the physical side of the romance moves. That is, if you choose a lot of "aggressive" flirts early on, the compulsory sex scene will happen a lot earlier. I will of course have to check his with the coders before I promise anything, but still...

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