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So... err... progress?

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It's true, this "vacation" has sucked away much of my time. As for as planning, it's generally set out, and we've finished a talk or two, with others in progress. More will be done once I'm no longer living out of my backpack and with time to spare. :groucho:

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Yes, Bev and I have been finishing up our early LTs and should soon have another group discussion. There's not much to post because it's just writing at the moment. We'll discuss maybe posting something of interest, later. :D


Thanks for the interest. Work is progressing, so no worries.

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Since I haven't posted here before, just thought you'd like to know there's one more person out there eagerly looking forward to this particular mod, and give this thread it's every-other-monthly "What up?" bump :rolleyes:



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Hmm well here's a little question, didn't know where to post it.. so I thought to post it here....

Do you think the first release will be SoA only? or ToB too? I'm not asking for a release date, I just want to know what you plan to do. Honestly , I like full releases more, but I'll understand if you decide to do SoA at first...

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