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About the planned NPC's


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I know about a few and I know you're planing to bring back Kivan.


Now - new NPC's - gret, can't wait.


But there is a pack out there that adds all BG1 charachters allready with several quests and banters. Why bring back a allready seen charachter? (He's not as interesting as those we haven't seen yet)

Granted, I could be wrong, but I still see no point if there is allready a Kivan pack out there.

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Re: number of NPCs, excluding your own characters, we've so far got nine that are definitely going to be added (unless of course the person responsible for a certain NPC leaves the project). Two of these, Kivan and Elai, are coming close to being completed. There are a few other characters who *might* be worked on once others have been finished.


As for who they are, you can read about my three characters here, Stinky_Ogre's two characters here, and Corradun's two characters here, and one of Andyr's characters here. Obviously there's more information in the private workrooms.


BTW if you reading this Andyr, did you know Elai has been moved to the Back Burner?



Re: Kivan, you're probably thinking of The Darkest Day. IIRC it doesn't add any quests for Kivan whatsoever, and there are probably less than a dozen (extremely basic) banters for him. My version will add three or four quests and at least three banters with every NPC :cool:.


As I'm working on him, I obviously disagree on the "not as interesting" bit :). Branwen is also going to be in LoI, and several other BG1 NPCs are being brought to BG2 by others mods - namely Ajantis, Alora, Dynaheir, Shar-Teel, Xan and Yeslick.

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Isn't Deynaher supposed to be dead?


And I said I might be wrong on the Kivan matter. If the quests and banter are interesting...hehehe....


Say, if Elith drops out as a charachter, maby Kivan can take his role as Aquae's guardian?

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BTW if you reading this Andyr, did you know Elai has been moved to the Back Burner?

He asked for it to be done...

I asked, yeah... I've got most of the feedback I need by now and am working on another beta. Didn't see the point in keeping it in the main section, as all people would do is ask if they can test the beta (no, I'm developing the new one and have addressed everything from the current) or if the mod was dead (no, it's not). :)


Check the thread in the workroom for more Elai info.

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Guest Guest_Michael_*

Hey, i hear one of the mods adding banters to BG1 creates a shar-teel romance, will it be carried on iin your mod?

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i know it must seem annoying to see that every time someone making a mod that has a female character to have people ask if she is romancable, but this is a fun and enjoyable part of the game, well it can be.


its just that it seems a lot of the new mod npcs, are just like minsc, good banter, a fun character, good back story, but they are kinda lacking in the quest areas. and this is a fairly important area in my view. i like characters more like jaheiragood banter, a fun character, good back story, good quests relating to that npc, and a romance, a fairly long well developed and thought out one.


i like the kivan mod so i hope the other parts for LOI are along similar lines

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right. that is good.


sorry to ask kinda ask this again but are there plans to make her romancable in later versions of the mod or is that just something you dont want to get into, im cool either way. im cool with a minsc like npc in terms of back story, quests, banter and all that, but a good romance for a non priest like class is a good thing too. i know thereis chloe and one or two others, but it does seem like a lot of the romances are a priest class, Aerie (cleric), Viconia (cleric), Jaheira (druid), anomen (cleric).

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Chloe is a romantic option for a Female PC. I assume you are interested in romantic options for a Male PC. If so, all of them are non-clerics: Tashia is a sorceress, Saerileth is a paladin, Solaufein is a Fighter-Mage and Nethaniel is a Kensai. If you are interested in the additional options for a female PC, then there are plenty, most of them actually mages.

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so apart from Jaina and kivan who are the planned NPCs and what classes are they.


are they fully voiced NPCs complete with good backstory, good quests banter and the like, you know similar NPCs to Kelsey and the standard bioware NPCs or will they be more like the one day NPCs, still a good character but could have been done a little better, or are the more like the TDD NPCs, emoitionless zombies

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Currently planned NPCs are:


- Elai: LE male shadovar thief (shadow dancer)

- Kivan: CG male wood elf ranger (default: archer, optional: bowslinger, tracker)

- Jaina Harpson: LG female human paladin (default: cavalier, optional: harmonious knight)

- Tahlemar Ael'reth: LN male half-moon elf fighter/mage (eldritch knight)

- Thorguk: N half-ogre barbarian


There were a few more, but the authors have either left the project or taken an "extended leave of absence". Also, not all of the above will be in the initial release of the mod; probably only Kivan and Jaina (and perhaps Elai) will be in LoI v1. Thorguk will probably be the first new NPC after v1, and then Thorguk. We may decide to write more NPCs after that, or gain one or more new team members who volunteer to write their own NPC for the project.


I'm not sure about full voicing (it depends whether any good voice actors will be interested), but all with have backstories, several quests, lots of banters and interjections, unique items and spells,etc. They'll also be fully intergrated into the other content of the project, meaning their quests will make use of the new areas, they'll interject in the new quests, banter with one another, etc.

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