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I never played the Aerie romance through to the end, but I guess I was always vaguely aware that in ToB, she can apparently bear your child in the course of a few weeks. I'm guessing I repressed the knowledge until now to spare myself fits of the giggles.


Does anyone happen to have dialogue, or possible even screenshots, from this unlikely event? I just have trouble believing it's really in there.

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Lots of info, including a walkthrough, a full dialog rendition, and a whole bunch of posts about getting the thing to happen, etc. at Sorcerer's Place. If I remember, some discussions even goes into gestation periods citing the AD&D fan-made resources for character pregancy and chances of conception, etc. Looks like it usually requires a bit of CLUAConsole to reduce timers, etc.


I don't think it shows up much in player's games, and when it does it is not so great - sounds like the common complaints are "undroppable quick item {BABY} is taking up valuable space", and "Erm... nine months? Giving birth *there*?".


Personally, I thought the better solution would have been


~<CHARNAME>, we are going to have a baby. I'm off to visit Uncle Quayle. Have fun storming the castle, and if you win, come back and we'll talk about getting married.~


or better yet,


~Yo, ain't no way I 'm goin' in there, honey-child, packin' magic an' fightin' fierce, nohow. I am expectin'. Snap. You be whack for thinkin' it. Later - I'm outta here.~

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