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Faldorn's Portrait


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The portrait isn't bad, but there are a couple of things that you might want to consider working on...


First, there's quite a noticeable difference between the wolf and Faldorn. They don't "look" like they're part of the same picture.


Second... the ivy. You can tell quite obviously that it was added *to* the portrait rather than being an original component. It just looks... fake. Sorry. :(

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I'd like to see how small portraits will turn out - the problem is if you smother moss and ivy to be more a "part of" they might end up indistinguishable at 117x110, let alone 38x60. And those are the scales we'd realistically have to deal with in the game.

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This pic is just plain horrible!!!!



How am I going to withstand THAT women. I am a weak male! I will do anything she asks me too, anything!! Oh well, we are talking BG1 right? Nothing too bad happening there.

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