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Faldorn's Portrait


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True.  Here is a quick resize of the original.



I think face-moss-ivy-wolf head look reasonably well balanced at 110x170, but we'll have to go with the face-cut off only for 38x60. Agree? Disagree? Opinions?

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Icelus is sharp. If the vines he's talking about are the ones wrapping around her arm, I kinda agree with all his points except that to me, they were annoying nitpicks rather than the glaring errors he seemed to see them as. Oh well, in my defense, I *was* thinking that those flaws would be far less noticeable, non-existant if you resize it to 110X170 or 38X60, unless BG2 style epilogues are planned for the project Domi? If so, tell me. I'll worry abot the large 210X330 version then :( .

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Updated the portrait at forgotten wars with one that *should* be more uniform throughout. Can Icelus or someone confirm this? Depending on the brightness/contrast setting of your monitor, some changes might be barely noticeable I think. I need an objective opinion (considering that my own can't really be objective). Also got one with amber eyes to match the wolf if you still think it is neccessary Domi

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I think that, to make it really great, it just needs the lighting on the arms and the leaves to be the same, so shadows aren't in different places right next to each other, if you know what I mean,

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