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re ! :)



About Lilarcor :


I 'am agree it's a nice weapon. However there is no doubt about her too much effectiveness at the begining of the game.... Another problem in vanilla is that we must do a choice between sword of chaos and Lilarcorn and ofen Sword of chaos must be sold with regrets. With your mod, the choice will be certainly more difficult but boring imo.


What about apply an alignment restriction for Lilarcor. Make her avaible only for Chaotic good character. It may be severe but fighters who normaly use two handed weapons are enough strong like that, I think especially about paladins. Futhermore, i don't see an evil character use this special weapon a litlle "ingenuous and stupid" ^^.

===>Minsc could be a fighter a bit more appealing with this weapon in comparison with other fighters of the game (Anomen, Korgan and Keldorn are a lot more powerfull than him imo) or/and PJ.


I know a lot of people who can't play at BG2 without a +6 weapon at begining of the game will complain but sword of chaos suffice for the begining of the game imo, especially with your mod. A way to satisfy them could be to implant Spider's Bane +2 in the game but not too early !!



I would like to speak about Spider's Bane +2.


I have always seen this weapon like a sort of Lilarcorn who allow free action instead immunity to charm and confusion. Imo this 2 sort of protection (immunity to mind effect and and free action) are VERY powerfull and underestimated. Personaly i don't like this sort of enchantment on weapons coz this is the job of priest and druids to allow immunity by spell. That's why i want to be very severe with Lilarcorn.


So if you don't nerf Lilarcor a LOT, i think it could be an error to put spider blane in the game . It will be easy to switch between Lilarcor and Spide blane to be immunise at ALL effect... That is imo for this reason that spider's blane is not present in vanilla.


Imo this weapon is balanced and I am not sure of immunity to poison effect to be necessary, especially if you place this weapon early in game .Furthermore, I have seen with the ring of free action that you assume to allow hast when free action. This is a HUGE boost for the ring and spider's bane and Free action is certainly nicer that immunity to charm and confusion (combined with web spell, best sort of level 2 by exemple).


Keep in mind that free action's spell don't allow hast, potions equally. I 'am sure you know about this but i just would like to say that Spider's bane is ok imo.


Maybe place Spider's bane in Body's lair ?



PS : Like you Demivrgvs I love two handed swords, Lilarcor, Minsc and boo ^^

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ps: i was thinking about another sort of restriction for Lilarcor :


What about make her unusable by fighters who got a too much score in inteligence and/or wisdom or make them berserk while wearing Lilarcorn.


In term of RP, a chatacter with normal or good score in intelligence/wisdom should become BERSERK with this weapon !! It is writed in the item's description(more or less).


Maybe i see too much Lilarcor as Minsc's weapon but as i say before, other fighters don't need this weapon so early in the game.

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You're right about it being too powerful in the early SoA and I was trying to figure out a way to nerf it without making it too much unappealing, as I do love the roleplaying aspect of this sword. Reducing its enchantment bonus o +2 would make it "perfectly" balanced compared to the other 2handed weapons in the very early SoA, but I think that adding instead some drawback may be more fun and may help to rebalance it.


Making it unsuable by characters with high INT or WIS would require scripts, if it's doable at all, and I actually think such characters may instead decide to use a powerful sword if necessary. Making it not usable by lawful characters and/or paladins may make sense, especially the latter, but I'm not sure right now.


Spider's Bane

With the new IR's "policy" of limiting SoA items power level a little more "Immunity to poison effect" and "Free Action" together is surely too much. I would either reduce the latter to something like Immunity to web effects (the probably more appropriate solution for the weapon) or remove the former (keeping the item exactly as it was, which I suppose will be the preferred solution for most players).

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Lilarcor +3

What about an "Insanity" drawback effect? I'd say 5% chance on hit to lower wielder's INT by 1 (I don't know for how long), maybe 1% chance wielder must save vs. spell or be feebleminded. :)


I'd prefer to have it tied to how much the wielder holds the sword, but you may know by now that "cast spell on condition" is buggy and tieing it to how much one uses it in battle may be even better to avoid having a character dying from INT draining during a rest. :)


Let me know if it seems a good/appropriate "nerf" to you.


P.S Personally I'd make Minsc immune to the drawbacks, as if it was his "special" weapon just like many NPCs have their own unique items...but this is clearly a matter of tastes.

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just an observation: the opionions on what should be done with Lilacorn are most relevant from the people who actually use the thing, and how it interacts with Minsc should be reserved for those who play his character. Is that the player set we have around here? (Because I am neither). If not we need to ask this question some place where more people we are interested in read.

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You don't have to use 'cast on condition' for those, the header's internal effects work only 'on a successful hit' anyway.


I think confusion would be more appropriate than feeblemindness. Or perhaps both, as there're quite a number of confusion immunities, compared to fm?


I like the Minsc idea too :)

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If you want Minsc able to use Lilacorn whithout penality, you must do it cleverly coz I am sure Minsc (and boo) don't want any favour at all !! Minsc is the best warrior on all Faerûn, remember this !


And nevermind, 5% or 50 % to be insane or confused is same. I don't like random effects for high penality at all or/and use a weapon if i have 5% chance to Die (confused,terror= die). But it's ok for me coz i don't want this weapon able to be wield by any character expect Minsc if Lilacorn is +3 enchantment.

Maybe a strenght's penality ? (during X round to prevent the fact the character could switch of weapon)


Implant Spider's bane if you let Lilacorn to be a Minsc's weapon imo.



And sword of chaos (first weapon of the game...) is a litlle too much overpowed. + 2 drain is ok imo. I know you like (maybe too much) random effects and that 1D4 = 2.5 like op soul reaver :) about this weapon : carsomyr is too strong (even with your mod) but not this weapon and it penalize good team who don't play a fucking paladin.


Don't worry i will disturb you only with two handed sword coz I like this sort of weapons very much and it seems you are very very kind with them.


Erf.. are you sure the game is not easier with your mod ?? Take a poll should be a good idea imo. (one say me he was -24 Ca with Anomen O_o with your mod lol maybe an error...)

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I really don't think that IR should make the game easier or harder.


Just different in the way that it becomes more balanced and consistent with its own internal rules.


And for me, it has already done a great job at that so no, I don't agree with you here, DrAzTiK....


Well, we agree about effect icons though! :)

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