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Storm of Zehir is out in 2 days


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As far as I know, stuff that worked before the update, will still work now. Expansions tend to open up new possibilities where modding is concerned, rather than shut them off, right?


By the way, Domi, Storm of Zehir is in great need of a "NWN2 Storm of Zehir NPC Mod" :)

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Actually, as predicted it broke things in both MotB and the older mods. Yeah, it is a huge modification to the engine. The game itself doesn't seem to warrant a year or so of work on expanding the 11 or 12 companions. It appears to be some sort of an overland map cruiser rather than a game in the BG or even IWD sense of the word. You also can't add random banter in NWN2 engine without putting triggers on the maps. Which are not even there, as far as I know.

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I haven't finished Storm of Zehir, but anyways...


Geez, are they anti modding now? Or do they just think it's funny?

A little of column A, and a little of column B, perhaps?


Actually, as predicted it broke things in both MotB and the older mods. Yeah, it is a huge modification to the engine


Obviously, I'm not into the coding part of it, but from what I saw...ugh, you certainly can import characters into your party, and even with the right feat, have up to six of them.



Conversations, though? That would have to be scripted in game...and one certainly doesn't have as big a window as BG II. Maybe it could be done, but they certainly didn't do it with any of the NPCs in SoZ (Storm of Zehir...or maybe I should just call it Zehir). It got so bad, I am having my main character go solo...


The game itself feels more appropriate for lower ranked characters...but it takes place after NWN 2, and somewhat concurrently (or slightly after) MotB (some encounters/dialogues give indications of both, with a bit more on...after.)


And the overland express...ugh, I know sometimes it got ridiculous in BG 1/NWN 1, but at least the land felt expansive. This...mess...I've played old NES/PS1 games which were more intricate, better thought out.


As for the merchant system...once again, it seemed tacked on. *grumbles* Even Suikoden 1/2 was better thought out than this.


I actually would like more simulation bits in my game (not everyone's cup of tea), but not if it is done half-assedly.


As for additions? Ugh, so we get Gray Orcs and Yuan-Ti. If they actually had made the Yuan-Ti feel more of an 'other'...instead of humans with snake featuers. Gray Orcs? Appearance wise, just take the half-orcs, and make them gray, and sprinkle a few abilities.


I would have actually preferred being able to play a gnoll, or an ogre or something...


And classes? One of my grumbles with MotB was the addition of 'main' classes like Spirit Shamn is they were just variations on another theme. Well, in SoZ we get...tada...the Swashbuckler. Ooh, just an expansion of the Duelist prestige class and rogue movement ability (and yes, one could do both...).


The other additions? The Hellfire Warlock...from the looks of it, it makes the warlock an even more effective blaster.


DoomGuide? Now, while I don't know the effectivess of it, I actually do like the idea of making the 'specialty' classes for deities(which would mimic some of the abilities the specialty priests had as well.) Ah well...

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Geez, are they anti modding now? Or do they just think it's funny?


Dunno, I think there is a bunch of small dungeons, so I guess you can plug in triggers there. But it will be a bit odd, if a random banter triggered every time you got into a dungeon. Kind of like 'we get chatty when the danger is near'....

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Ugh, tell me about. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on dial-up...so I'm going to have to find some place which has the patch, and then download it from school. Of course, considering I did that for quite a few other patches...


For those curious, 330+ MB...for the patch...and here I thought the Spore patch went insane...

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SoZ is educational for me in that regard that I've never really have seen before the opinions of the folks that like this type of the games voiced so loudly. IWD gamers never really spoke much on the BG forums about their preferences, and I haven't really played any 'sand-boxy' games. Because SoZ is a NWN2 expansion it is interesting to see the whole cross-section and the arguments. Actually prompts the deep soul-searching as to wether the characters, dialogues and the story are important in a CRPG, or simply pinpointing a hundred locations with a small sidequest on a big map is all it takes. A collosal time-saver.

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It's hard to say what effect Obsidian was going for, but it did seem overall to try and widen its appeal to others in their audience.


Thing is, I do like some of the ideas...but they have been better implemented into other games, and in those games I still felt like I was playing an rpg (not the case with SoZ).

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Well, for now I see it as a new compartment in my toolbox. I dunno when I actually have time to play it - and I see myself playing Kult first, lol- but I will definetly have a more comprehensive opinion then. The music is kindda Star-Warish now when I open the game.

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I've got it, and... I'm not sure, yet. I find the campaign enjoyable enough, but Obsidian's steady move towards less party interaction is not one I cheer, and the story and RP on this one just barely approaches acceptable. I appreciate that they are trying to broaden their reach with some simulation elements, but:


1. This is an RPG, and IMO, they should get that part right, first.

2. The execution of the simulation elements leaves quite a bit to be desired.


As for the other additions, I think they listened to popular appeal. According to what I've heard on the boards, the Swashbuckler was one of the most often requested classes. I do wonder why they put in a deity-specific cleric prestige class, though. I've also got a personal hatred for any race that comes with level adjustment, but then that's more or less a necessary evil of the system.

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