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Kivan's Voice Actor Needed

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No. I need time to tinker with the samples, and there is one trick I'll need to ask Thorn to do to see if the background noise can be reduced. It's strong atm. Voice recording is not a simple matter unfortunately.

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Lots of other materials will work besides stockings. An old t-shirt, provided it's been through the laundry enough to be nearly transparent, a man's dress sock (not something many men own, these days), or you could try a tissue, but it might rustle against the screen.

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He won't know cheesecloth, but he might know gauze, and probably has a roll of it somewhere.


Ah, the hallmarks of a married man: one who will buy anything in the health and beauty aids aisle (or hosiery, I suppose) without hesitation.

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First aid kit. I also attacked a metal coathanger to get the base for my "baffle" and had to record late at night due to the traffic. The cats got shut out to ensure a certain amount of peace and quiet.


Oh, I also used one of those cardboard thingies that keep the sun off your windscreen for extra "quieting".

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He won't know cheesecloth



he knows full well what cheesecloth is thank you very much AND why it's called cheesecloth.



He has a brain that holds useless information ???



old, well laundered t-shirts you say???



I do believe I have a few of those lying around. :(

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Heya! Well, quiet is something we don't have around the house anymore....


Thorn, the voice works great, as long as we can get the noise level as low as we can :p And sorry about stockings!


Silk, nope, those were iwd2 files that Ascension is working on, but if you'd like to help on Kivan's sound, that would be great!


Kulyok, if Grim accepts sound in the CMB, I'd like to do it.

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