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Kivan's Voice Actor Needed

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Awsome, I am displaced from my rig due to the in-laws visit, but I'll try my best to get to it as soon as I can get to my machine!!! Aww, withdrawl is kicking in. Hey, if everything goes good, maybe we can dream up the V9 with the voicing? :(

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maybe a mix of Kivan and the rangers from Warcraft???


Yes, please. Heh, I know this is an old post, but still, I had to express my appreciation for a combination between Kivan's voice and the rangers from Warcraft. :(


files have FINALLY been sent....please let me know what you think.


I'm not Domi (obviously...) but still want to say a bloody "YAY!" and give you a -from-the-heart "thank you".


Hey, if everything goes good, maybe we can dream up the V9 with the voicing?


*starts dreaming and silently cheering the both of you on*

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I like :crazyeyes: I sent you a couple of tips on the finishing up your record (and a bunch of lines, LOL!), but otherwise, I love the voice, and they are definetly a go!








I mean ummm, glad you like the voice! :groucho:

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Okay, for everyone who are interested in the progress: Ana edited all the files, I finished sound tagging all of them just now, and Thorn is diligently recording the voice (which I still need to edit). So, it seems that after all these years we are as close to having a voiced version as we've ever been. Great thanks to both Ana and Thorn for their enthusiasm, cheerful and able participation!

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Guest Rhyeira

Any idea yet about how long this might take? Approximately? Roughly? :)


I'm absolutely loving Kivan (probably best mod I've ever played :laugh: ), and since I am thinking about starting yet another run with him (the fifth or so, I think), I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to wait for his voicing...

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Sounds like you've got your voice set. I was going to offer, because I've recently met a co-worker with a home studio. If I'd had the equipment, I would have offered a long time ago (circa 2006). I've got a background in broadcasting, that would have helped I suppose.


As a side note to everyone's ideas of filters:

All good ideas, but (IMHO) the best and cheapest filter you can get -- 3-4 inch diameter indoor Nerf-type ball (not the kind with the hard coating, just the plain foam). Make a slice on one side and shove it on. You'll be amazed at how much it cuts out noise, plus how much spit it can catch... :laugh: There are 'professional' filters which look just like them but are much more expensive.

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Well, Thorn sent me 15 lines so far out of 431, which I neglected to edit so far... I feel bad about this and all, but at least this is an honest answer. That's where the matters are right now and have been since May 2008. So, I am afraid I don't see the voicing happening any time, or at least any time soon. Unless we switch the voice actor again, and switching the voice actor means I need to find Thorn and ask him what's up and all that. All and all, I just can't summon any enthusiasm for BG2 in general or Kivan in particular.

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