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Neeshka's Romance Updates

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Over my years of writting for mods I became convinced that some dialogues are just unlucky! Anyways, I was having troubles finishing LT31, and of course it is during that very lovetalk that I got sick yesterday. But it's done now, and I will be doing all in my power to finish all the remaining 7 dialogues ASAP!

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First of all, THANK YOU for the amazing romance mod!! I'm now eagerly awaiting to play again, dating Neeshka ???


One question though, i like to join very different characters, like for example, casavir falling in love with my female Rogue thiefling (really cute).


Now for the upcoming Neeshka romance, i'm thinking in making a Aasimar paladin (y'know, to make her skin ITCH :p ) Will i get different dialogues (for better or worse) with a character like this? Or any other race, for instance?



Oooooooooo i can't wait! *makes puppy eyes*

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Yes, there are BOTH aasimar and paladin specific options. The things I was hitting the most with special options were:





"bad" race (ie drow, half-orc, druegar, tiefling)

paladin or LG priest






One dialogue is totally special for an aasimar. I have an odd tangent in one convo about yanti's, and now that I think about it, I will add one more somewhere, because I just had a funny idea while replying... tails.


I was also using wisdom, charisma and intelligence more than strength, con dex for special replies/options.

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I almost finished writing everything, but RL will distruct me from wrapping it up till Monday :p I am keeping my fingers crossed that I shall have the material ready for proofing/editing by next Wednesday. ???

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Just finished my first play through of NWN2, and I'm definitely looking forward to replaying it again with Neeshka as a romance option. So much so I've decided to wait on playing through with my Aasimar paladin until it's finished! So if you need help with anything, I'd be happy to assist!


drlymer @ gmail . com , if you wish to contact me ???

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And here is the one you wanted to hear, I bet. The principal writing is done! Boy, was I glad I had Cmorgan's notes for the last talk - hot, hot, hot!


I need to massage the last batch a little, and wow, it will be all ready for shipping to the editors. Offloading it off the Palm right now!

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Argh, now I feel bad about kind of spacing out yesterday and not doing anything on Neeshka :blush: Sorry! I'll get my behind in gear, I promise.


I know I'm not quite the legit member, and I know my words probably mean little and/or nothing. But after reading this I feel compelled to tell you that you are, in fact, a Neverwinter Nights and/or a legitimate superhero. And that you don't need to feel sorry when you are, in fact, doing US a wonderful favor.


Allow me to pullout my Neeshka flag of fandom, plant it down upon this soil, and say that you rock. :D

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Heya, over the years G3's moderating crew went into incredible and commendable efforts to keep the spam at bay specifically so Guest posters can be heard! of course a lot of folks want to hang around, send messages etc, but we also welcome everyone who might just have one question or a quick observation once in a while. Everyone is welcome at G3, appart from the spambots :blush:


Taking a day off this Thursday and polishing up Neeshka's stuff is the top of my do-list!

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