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Miella's portrait


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And here she is as very Baldurized version. I still need to work with her hair alot... what me perfectionist? :)




Hmmm - also the mouth needs work, and she does look kind of tired. But these are the problems I had with the earlier more Baldurized version, which I decided to dump. I don't seem to get her expression right this way :)

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Aye, she does look a bit tired in the heavily Baldurized version. It seems to have distorted her face somewhat too. The armour on the Baldurized version is good though. A little more shading and it'd look like it came straight from in-game.


I don't know if Meilla's face has been altered for the Real Armour version, but it definately looks better than the Baldurized version. Maybe strip the face off the Armour version and add it to the Baldur version? :)

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please don't feel offended but in the picture you call the "very Baldurized version" her face looks no longer beautiful in my eyes at all. At first sight I didn't know what I'm looking at, a woman or a man. Her skin is like having a "three-days beard", her hair looks unreal with those brown lines, her mouth now looks terribly displaced (EDIT: forget my remark about the hair, I just saw you noticed that yourself). I second BigRob's idea: Take the face from the pictures before, it was much nicer.

To the pictures before: I seem to be the only one who has the impression that her left eye (the right one from our point of view) is far too big, and placed a bit too high in the face. If it would be a bit smaller I would like the face much better.


This is only my opinion and I don't write this to offend you! I know you are very fond of your picture, I just have a different opinion and I thought it's fair I'll let you know. :D

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No, I can't view it either. Here is the one shown on the Miella page:




I'm very sorry if this insults you, and I assure you I have no intention of hurting or offending you in any way... but I don't like this one at all. It looks...well, out of place. It doesn't strike me as a portrait that fits in with the game. It's like someone has drawn it by hand and used an imaging program to make several edit. You don't have to remove it. It's your Mod after all. But may I recommend adding several alternate portraits to the Mod? That was everyone is pleased. :)

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