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Random Acts of Boredom

Guest Revolutionary J

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Guest Revolutionary J

It's 11:30 at night, and, once again, I've found myself ridiculously bored. So bored, in fact, that I only have two options to cure my boredom: headbutt a wall until I fall unconscious, or post a random question-type thing on this site. Guess which one I chose to do?


So, my question is this: If you were a D&D character, what would your level, class, alignment, and stats be?


Class- Level 2 Bard (I can play a guitar, ocarina and harp reasonably well, and my first novel will be published in a year.)

Alignment- Chaotic Good (Pretty much everything in the description for CG characters applies to me.)


Strength: 9 (I'm physically weak... Very physically weak...)

Dexterity: 16 (I'm fast, agile, quick on my feet)

Constitution: 14 (I'm reasonably healthy)

Intelligence: 13 (I'm a writer...)

Wisdom: 10 (....With very little common sense)

Charisma: 17 (My biggest strength. I'm generally an all-around pleasant guy, and people usually look to me for help.)

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Class: Mage or Cleric (I'm interested in how things work and I read lots of science articles. Here on Earth I dabble in technology. On Faerun I'd be dabbling in magic, divinely provided or not.)

Level: 3 (I can do some neat stuff, but I'm no master.)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: 15 (I work in construction, but not in a gym.)

Dexterity: 14 (Reasonably agile, quick and sure-footed.)

Constitution: 10 (Headaches, depression, get sick for weeks, etc.)

Intelligence: 15 (Problems are easy to solve, school was easy, new things are easily learned, etc.)

Wisdom: 16 (Always being asked for advice, usually always right in the end, can see the "big picture" behind local issues, instinctively knowledgeable about things I've never seen before, etc.)

Charisma: 12 (People generally like me, but depression makes socializing an effort at best.)


Well, that's a pretty good estimate if I do say so myself. I used the 2E Players Handbook for reference, especially in strength, since Bioware tweaked the numbers a bit.

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I think I would be chaotic neutral level 10 Ranger. Where I’m from people don’t dominate, the land does.


My stats would be in continuous flux as, truthfully, some days I feel stronger than I am smart. But I get a +2 on intelligence for being able to read upside-down, and an automatic -2 on charisma as do all Nordics. It’s nothing personal. :)


Ideally I would like to sit up in my tree all day long and giggle, so maybe I’m better off as a nymph?

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Class: Mage.

Alignment: CN (Insanity)


STR: 10 (Mr. Average, never checked my bench press ability to narrow it down. :))

DEX: 10 (Ditto)

CON: 14 (Don't usually get sick. However, can't run for more than three steps without a minor stroke)

INT: 18 (If you're going to be insane, you've gotta be a genius, right?)

WIS: 13 (I know all politicians are liars)

CHA: 3 (I have no henchmen and can't seem to keep hirelings)

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Well, I'm not sure 'bout this, but here goes:


Class: level 1 novice mage (I have, or used to, have an acuity for math, but I lack the motivation to excel, usually)


Alignment: Neutral Good. I think that balance in everything is a good thing, but I hate evil and malicious acts. I'm sorry to say I've been the Avatar for too long.




Str: around 9-11. I don't really know. I used to work with my father at home repair/improvement, but since his heart troubles we've stopped. My arm muscles are suffering from lack of use.


Int: 12. 108 IQ. I don't know how this exactly translates to AD&D stats.


Wis: 10. I'm a lack-wit at times, but pretty much normal.


Dex: 10. I'm not very sure-footed.


Con: 8. I tire very easily. Always have since my earliest days. A remnant from my physical handicap I had since I was born.


Chr: 9. I'm fairly shy and *very* quiet to strangers, usually. I can't shut up to those I know, however.


Heh, I guess I wouldn't survive long as an adventurer.



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Class- Level 2 Bard (I adapt easily, know everything about what I do)

Alignment- True Neutral (I just don't care. I like to think I'm good, but I know I wouldn't help out anyone in trouble.)


Strength: 6 (I'm very weak)

Dexterity: 4 (Don't expect anything accurate about me. I am frightneningly flexible though. I can lick my elbow, fit my legs behind my head, etc. at six feet tall.

Constitution: 6 (I'm so out of shape

Intelligence: 10 (Not the brightest light... I'm not very smart)

Wisdom: 3 (Incredibly naive)

Charisma: 1 (I'd go lower, but according to 3E rules, I'd go unconscious. I'm depressive, I mutter, I mumble, I probably smell, and I'm just not a very nice person)

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