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Xzar Banter


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Reading through the files of this mod, I have encountered the following banter. I recall seeing it once, but it did not show up this most recent playthrough. Can someone please tell me who it was directed at? Maybe Imoen?


@42 = ~My child, you’ve been ignoring me. That is very unkind of you.~

@43 = ~N-no, just ain’t had much to say, is all.~

@44 = ~Then heed me now, child. How many deaths do you bear within you?~

@45 = ~Whew! Just one quick, painless one, I hope.~

@46 = ~Truly? And what of the children you will someday have, and their children and theirs again? Consider this multitude, lining up before the pit of death, like gladiators in the arena.~

@47 = ~Are you *trying* to creep me out, Xzar? Cause you’re doing a great job of it.~

@48 = ~Oh. Then pass me my blue blankie, would you? It’s just beside your knee there on the sward.~

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Sorry - should have looked this up awhile ago. Xzar/imoen sequential banter series.


Search "~N-no, just ain’t had much to say, is all.~" (1 hits in 1 files)

D:\ie_checkfiles\bg1npc-v18\bg1npc\tra\english\x#xzar.tra (1 hits)

Line 44: @43 = ~N-no, just ain’t had much to say, is all.~


in x#xzar.d

/* Dream Script */
DO ~SetGlobal("X#XZIM1","GLOBAL",4)~
== ~%IMOEN_BANTER%~ @43
== ~%XZAR_BANTER%~ @44
== ~%IMOEN_BANTER%~ @45
== ~%XZAR_BANTER%~ @46
== ~%IMOEN_BANTER%~ @47
== ~%XZAR_BANTER%~ @48
DO ~RestParty()~

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