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Is there anything missing?

Grim Squeaker

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While I'm on a run with Tyris ToB, is there anything you guys feel is missing from Tyris SoA? Something that might make her a more rounded NPC? I think most interjection points are covered and I've got a reasonable array of flirts, but I'm very much aware that I haven't added a huge amount of additional content since the early beta versions.


One of things that's been pointed out is that Tyris doesn't have a quest in SoA but that was intentional. It just seemed weird to me that someone might wander up to her given that no-one knows her. Part of me was tempted to have a mage try to kill/capture her for being a "cross-dimensional abomination" but that seemed rather dull (and I don't think the game needs any more kidnappings).


So any suggestions?

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If you want to give her a quest, it doesn't need to be connected to her past, or someone not liking her.


I haven't played the NPC, but if she is the adventurious sort, she could notice a message on a "help wanted ad" requesting the aid of adventurers. Or, she could be socializing with some people at a tavern and over hear some legend, or bit of gossip that caught her ear.


I'm surprised the only time this sort of thing comes up is when it is directly related to a debt or job one of the party NPCs have undertaken and couldn't/didn't finish. The PC is in need of money. His companions should be keeping an eye out for jobs.

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Guest Guest_Maplesyrup_*

Well it all depends on whether such a quest would develop her character I'd say, otherwise it'd just be wasting Grim's time =p


I think the SoA part is great, and agree with you on the cross-dimensional kidnap. . . it's a worn out concept. . .


if I am to come up with any quest it might be related to her old magic, maybe her pet dragon could cross the dimensions and have some complaints or something =p bad idea I know. . .

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Guest Arkhos

A quest for her to find a way back home (even if it fail at the end) would make sense, for example based on a book found on Lavok describing how he made his sphere or looking for an old spell strong enough to send her back home

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Yeah, I considered something like that. The problem with most of the ideas were that she'd have no idea where to look and having someone pop up and direct her seemed ridiculous as no-one would know who she was. It's something I'll ponder for the future but if I do decide to do it, I want to take the time to do it right.

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I like the fact that Tyris doesn't have any direct quests because it makes sense. She has the little bit added for the Planer Sphere but really how would she have a quest unless she was hunted in some way from her home world? As for "Urborg's" suggestion she could also simply be very verbal about excepting a quest that already exists in the game, much like Minsc when he wants to help the kid from Imnesvale (or whatever the town name is). I know she has opinions on certain quests but you could make it so she would break from the group if you didn't except a certain quest that she deemed important enough! Still I have no real complaints ......... after all she does ROCK!

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I looked trough a couples of post here (cose I just downloaded the romance) and from what I understand , she doesn't have a quest?


That's new , dunno if it is good or bad (didn't play the romance yet) . But I guess , I will have more time to do more dungeons :)


I agree with the above though , (about her intelligence and the fact that she doesn't need to know somoene to have a quest) . Someone above mentioned something about Dragon ? what about the red dragon you meet ? Friie-something . He mentioned knowing about Irenicus (even though he is far away from the city of Elf ) , and since he has alot of spy , maybe he would know of a breach that can take someone looking for trouble to another world . It doesnt have to lead to her world.......but I guess you can make a quest of this kind .


But I loveeeeeeee the idea ! Man , I played Golden Axe with my brother alot ! that cheater ! this romance bring alot of memory :D

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