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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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69-ish of gavin/flirts/gavinflirts.d has

IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,4)~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate3
IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,[color="#FF0000"]6[/color])~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate4
IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,6)~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate5

The red 6 must be a 5 instead, otherwise you'd run into a No Valid Replies or Links.

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Ah, yes, forgot to change the item refs. Nothing horrible will happen. The ring just won't show up on the ground or have a description image. Since the one ring isn't droppable and the other goes into the PC's inventory (and is extremely unlikely to show up, in any case), this isn't as big a deal as it might have been. I'll fix it next time I version up.

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Heya, just been playing along and I've come across a couple more typos:


Gavin & PC: Hobbies

Gavin: Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing at it. What subjects do you prefer?

Sounds like it should be "seeing you", instead. This is if the PC tells him that they also enjoy drawing.



Gavin (PID): Wildest Thing You've Done?

*Gavin looks embarassed* I don't know if I'm ready to tell that story.

Missing another "r" in there.



Gavin & Ajantis: Serving Ones' God Absolutely

Gavin: Ajantis, you serve your Order absolutely, do you not

Gavin: Ah. I see. Lathander is a a little more flexible with his clergy.

The first line is missing a question mark.



I hope these are helpful, and that I've not provided too much or too little information!

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Still rolling along with my playthrough, and came across some more stuff during a little bonus talk. I've only listed the first few words/gist of the words of the lines in question, partly to not spoil anything for anyone that hasn't played the mod before and partly because I didn't want to write the whole thing down :cringe:


Laundry & Other Things

Gavin: My, this is awkward...

PC Response: Gavin, I am really not prepared to talk discuss....


PC Response: I guess I was overreacting...

Gavin: Much better...

PC Response: I was was worried...


Gavin: <Charname>.... I am afraid...

PC Response: *embrace*

Gavin: *description*, but covers frim muscles...

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