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BG1: Problems and bug reports


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I do plan to update this mod. I really need to, since the creature file throws errors on a Big World install and the ring description BAM doesn't display in BGT. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen until the holiday season begins at the end of November.


In the meantime, I really appreciate the typo-spotting! With a MB or so of dialogue, there are bound to be a few errors still lurking around.

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the ring description BAM doesn't display in BGT.
It does on my BWP install. I believe it just uses a vanilla cring06.bam so I don't know why it wouldn't (then again maybe the BWP Fixpack already corrected it).
With a MB or so of dialogue, there are bound to be a few errors still lurking around.
As long as you're at it (in b!gavinj.dlg):
*coldly* Allow me to introduce Edwin Oddeseiron, a Red Wizard.
His surname is misspelled many ways even in the vanilla game, but I believe the preferred spelling is Odesseiron.


(And someone just *would* make it difficult for a L1NPC dialogue update by mentioning practically every NPC by profession :cringe:.)

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BG1 Gavin was out before there was a L1NPC. :)
Technically not (scroll down to lvl1npcs.zip :cringe:) but of course, there has never been a L1NPCs that messes with mod NPCs or dialogue either.


Anyway, those strings don't make the job much harder, really... was just giving you a hard time :). I'm not messing with references like to Edwin as "Red Wizard" anyway... presumably he could still be a member of that organisation even if someone changes him to sorcerer, antipaladin or whatever.

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Not a bug, just something that seems a bit odd. 2nd messngr appeared after party flooded the mines. Left CW and went to the temple map. Right before entering the temple Gavin's complaint abt it being three days since agreeing to the quest appeared. (Actually I had already clicked to go inside and the dialog appeared before entering.) Thought it was odd he didn't notice the party was at the temple already. And one question, should the gavinconcurrent variable be 15 in chapter 5?


Gavin is a great addition to BG1!

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The timer is only two days, and travel between the Cloakwood Mines exit and Beregost Temple is probably more than that, especially since you will probably have to rest during this time, so I would say this is not so unusual.


If you have an active romance with Coran, Ajantis, and Xan at the same time as Gavin's, it's possible to get the variable up that high quite early indeed, possibly as soon as the sixth lovetalk. Eventually, he will ask you to make a choice, but it is possible to convince him to be patient with you, if I recall correctly. If he likes you, i.e. if B!GavinLove is high, it is easier to convince him to stay.

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Is this the place to offer my bit of hopefully constructive nitpicking about typos? I love the mod and am only trying to help!


Btw, hmmmmm, had forgotten how much I love the voicing.


In the first talk (meeting Gavin), there is "...is an abomination TO TO Lathander."


In the other first talk (the one about ambition), there is a reply option 3-"Why are you asking this?." with a surnumerary dot at the end.


Keep up the good work!

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Finally got around to finishing up my playthrough that I'd started months ago, and found a couple more typos in the process:


Ragefast & Abela Encounter

Gavin: <CHARNAME>, you kindness...


Gavin-Initiated Flirt

Gavin: *Gavin does not speak, but his eyes follow your every movement. His breath catches, an he sighs, smiling.*



On a different note, I wanted to add that this was my second playthrough with Gavin (the first being early 2007), and it was just as enjoyable as the first one. Thank you for all the hard work you and everyone else put in to bringing him to life! Now, onward to BG2 :)

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This appears to be the place to report typos. Since a rather long list is incoming, I feel I must offer some reassurance. Take heart, Berelinde, EVERYONE makes typos! And part of my job description is text revision, so I suppose that makes me particularly attentive. (Merciless according to my coworkers.) And I love Gavin! It's all to make him EVEN better than he already is!


In the "Let's knock boots" drunken flirt: "Gavin's answer IF somewhere..." has "if" rather than "is"

In the morning talk in which Gavin apologizes for it, I noted that it misses a "to" somewhere, but I apparently did not note a specific sentence... Sorry!

In one of the foot massage flirts: "...relaxing.Eventually..." misses a space after the dot.

In one of his flirts (sorry, forgot to note which one...): "...Gavin SIEZES your hand..." should be "seize", I think?

In the talk where he explains about Lanie: "...the love of (A) child does not..." misses the "a", I think, not sure?

In Reed's talk, you spelled "Anway" rather than "Anyway" somewhere.

One of <CHARNAME>'s responses the morning after the engagement: "You('VE) been hinting..." misses the "have"

In the talk where he says he is jealous: "that my debt to Lanie THAT goes beyond..." with one too many "that"

When meeting one of Gavin's neighbours: "I's been years..." has "I" rather than "It"

In the talk after the mess in the inn: "...to GLIMSE it" has "glimse" rather than "glimpse"

In one of Ajantis' warnings to Gavin, you spelled "repsonsibilities"

In the "something warm lying next to you" talk - may I suggest changing it for "someone" warm, maybe at least for those who accepted to sleep in Gavin's arms? I would surmise those PCs would expect him to be there the next morning and would suppose the warmth to come from someone rather than something? Anyway, here goes: "Anyway, worrying about it is (NOT) going to help..." misses the "not"

In the "have you ever known the touch of a man" talk: "...some understanding (OF) my need..." misses the "of", I think, not sure?

In one of the "will you stay with me once this is over" flirts: "I'm not going ANYWHWERE..." I think I must have read this one four or five times before I actually saw the surnumerary "w"

In one particularly cruel possible <CHARNAME>'s response the morning after you sleep with Gavin, if you rebuked his advances: "I kept worrying that you would ASSUALT me..." Honestly! How can anyone think that of the sweetest man in the world?


Do you want to hear something silly? I've recruited Gavin straight at the start, and explored a lot of wilderness, so now that I began Cloakwood, I had all his pre-heritage-revealing lovetalks. So I thought maybe I could dump him, dally about with Coran for a while, then take Gavin back before heading back to Candlekeep. But everyone's favourite cleric is so darn sweet that, everytime I PID him to terminate the relationship, his smile as I approach make me feel so guilty that I end up hugging him or telling him I love him.


Good work, Berelinde. Good work.

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Guest Cythrea

I'm encountering a bug: after arriving at the temple of Lathander to recruit Gavin, seeing he wasn't there, then installing the mod after realizing I'd accidentally downloaded and installed the BG2 version, I finally recruited him into the party.


Problem is, every three seconds or so, he stops to go "Hello there." in dialogue and with the generic male human NPC "Hello there" sound byte. I reloaded, recruited him again, bug kept happening. Went back to Beregost, kept happening.

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Oh, darn, his strings and scripts are scrambled. Did you reinstall the mod at any point?


If you have a save from before you entered the Beregost Temple area the first time, you might be able to get things back on track, but if those scrambled strings and scripts are already part of your saved game... I hate to suggest that your only recourse might be to start a new game, but scramled strings/scripts are notoriously hard to fix through conventional means.


You might want to look at this thread on buildig and maintaining a clean installation.

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Guest Cythrea

After getting Tutu up and running, here was my process:


1. BG2 Tweak Pack

2. BG1 NPC Project

3. Gavin (BG2 version, thought I had installed BG1 version)

4. Play through the beginning of the game, eventually head south to Beregost and the temple.

5. See Gavin isn't there.

6. Play with Infinity Explorer, realize the Gavin cre files all have him start at level 8 or so.

7. Realize I installed BG2 Gavin.

8. Download and install BG1 Gavin.

9. Load the game, see Gavin, recruit him.

10. "Hello there!"


My save is prior to recruiting Gavin - I knew he'd be at the Lathander temple, so I saved there and exited, installed Gavin, loaded up the save, recruited him, found the bug.

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First of all, this isn't a bug. Bugs are caused by the code and turn up in predictable situations. In this case, the problem is that due to installation issues, the strings in your saved game match up with the wrong lines. As far as the game is concerned, it's working exactly the way it should. I might be able to help you unravel this, but I'm going to need more information and I cannot promise that fixing your saved game is possible. I will try, though.


When you initiate dialogue with him, what happens? Do you get a choice of dialogue options?


Would you post the contents of your weidu.log? It's a small file in your game directory called weidu.log. You can open it with any text editor, like Notepad. Just post the contents here.

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