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Unfinished Business 13 Released!


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Unfinished Business has now reached (un)lucky version number thirteen! While there are no new major components included with this release, there are quite a few new things that have been found and suggested by various people. Thanks, everyone, for helping to keep production on UB going.


Here is what is included in version 13:



  • Added Imoen's unimplemented post-Spellhold biography (Thanks, bibbi!)
  • Assigned Amalas his correct script (Thanks, Rastor!)
  • Fixed an error in AR0332 that prevented the Guard Captain from appearing (Thanks, Cliffette!)
  • Added Boots of Hastened Departure to Greyhand (Thanks, Andyr!)
  • New ToB descriptions for Carsomyr and Flail of Ages (Thanks, daggerless!)


  • Moved Arbane's Sword from Suna Seni to Eldarin and removed its +3 upgrade
  • Adjusted the price for the Websack wand (Thanks, Silfairë!)
  • Moved Taragarth from Greyhand to Suna Seni
  • Changed Greyhand from a generic fighter to a cleric
  • Upgraded Weidu to 163


  • Fixed a typo that prevented the Restored Minor Dialogs component from installing
  • Disabled dual-classing for the justifier kit
  • Fixed the Wolfskin Bag so that it can be sold to merchants (Thanks, Da_venom!)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Websack Wand to only have 1 charge when purchased from a merchant (Thanks, Silfairë!)
  • Fixed a few readme errors (Thanks, Slumlord and Smoketest!)
  • Fixed a typo in Minsc's interjections (Thanks, Slumlord!)

There are a few things that are not included with this release. First, the Spanish and Polish translation are not quite complete, and, as such, have been disabled. As the translated lines come in, the mod will be updated. Second, there is no Mac version of this release, as the .tp2 (installation script) uses a few new commands that are not present in the latest version of the Mac-WeiDU program.


Finally, there is one other major change that comes with this release...


This will be my last release of Unfinished Business as its regent. As of this moment, I will be officially handing the reins over to Andyr. He's put in a lot of work with Unfinished Business, including completely coding three components, and I know he will do well on future versions of the mod.


Before anyone begins to fret, no... this is not a FOREVARR post. I'll likely work on a few things on UB, albeit in a minor, behind-the-scenes way by issuing small fixes here and there. One of these days, I may even take up a new mod. In the meantime, however, I'll be taking a break from active modding.


I'd like to say "thanks" to everyone who has helped out with UB in the past--this has truly been a community project.


Now... everyone be nice to Andyr, OK? :cry:



Download: http://www.pocketplane.net/ub

Readme: http://ub.icelus.net/readme_ub.html

Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?board=19.0

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I am honored to be here before such a respected assemblage of noblemen. I accept my new position with full awareness to my new responsibilities, and I will have many of them. I would first like to address many of the questions that had been asked earlier. The rumors about Amn's mobilization for war are entirely true, as is the involvement of their Zhentarim cohorts. But do not worry, we are not bereft of a defense. Although the recent Zhentish attempt at depriving us of the most valuable war resource, iron, has weakened us, it has not crippled us. When my father was most recently murdered, I inherited his control over the western branch of the Iron Throne. They have a great deal of stock piled iron, enough for all of our needs. I will give this to the city to do with as you will. Unfortunately our greatest military commander lies on his death bed, a grievous blow to this city. To insure that the Flaming Fist is well led, I will be assuming control of the mercenary regiment, with permission from its current steward, Angelo.


Erk, ok, maybe I'm not Sarevok...


I think I speak for everyone when I say that Icelus has made UB one of the best mods EVAR. :cry:


I'm sorry he's not going to be in charge any more, though I am glad he's still going to be around. He'll be a hard act to follow and if he's ever on my continent he's welcome to pop in for a beer. :D Seriously, he'll be a hard act to follow!


But with the ongoing help of Cliffette, Barren Fischa and everyone else who's contributed with research and code to UB I am confident that we can keep Icelus' legacy held in the high esteem it deserves.


So here's to Icelus. Greatest Iron Texan that ever there was. :D

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