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Edit bat files with windows seven ?


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I have no experience of PsPad on Windows 7. Its site doesn't mention any recommendation regarding the Windows version it can handle. The problem could come either from PsPad or from the environment you're working in within Windows 7.

Maybe you could report the error message you get, so that we know what to expect (crash or more specific error).


In Windows 7, you can also edit bat files using notepad. I believe you have the French version of Windows. To edit a bat file, select it then choose "Edition" in the right mouse button menu. If you also fail to record your changes with Notepad, it may be you're trying to edit a file without proper permission. In this case, check if the file is read only, avoid working in the "C:Program Files" directory (protected by Windows) or try with an administrator account.


I switched to Notepad++ several years ago. I have no problem with it even on Windows 7 (Pro, 64 bits). If PsPad is found guilty, you could try this editor instead.

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I doubt PSPad is the problem - I've been using it for years (though admittedly on WinXP). More likely, User Account Control or some other annoying Win7 "feature" has locked you out of batch file editing. I think maybe you can change that in the control panel or something.

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UAC considers some file types to be special so it will lock you out from changing the files. I always circumvent it by rename the extension to something like txt before I edit the file and afterwards rename it to bat again.


It is also possible that files in a certain directory cannot be directly edited (I had that with c:\program files\black isle\baldur's gate\baldur.ini). In that case I just copy the file(s) to another drive before editing and do a copy-back onto the original files (of course I make a backup first). It will ask the admin password when you copy it back though.

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