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Vengeance Incarnate

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Progress has been slow of late due to real life, and working on Cleric Remix among other things.


I will post a proper update at some time soon, when I remember, and am not so tired.


Thanks for choosing my forum to make your first post, Mr. Incarnate. Welcome to G3.

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The occasional annoying question about progress (sorry Andy, I wouldn't bug ya with all this, but I'm counting on these NPCs for my next SoA game..): any chance you'll finish this project in this year? Since you are sunken into Cleric Remix and LoI ( a true "neverending" project, worse than RtW itself..! :rolleyes: ), you seem to have little to no time for this mod nowadays - there seems to be no progress at all from quite some time.


Anyway, I was merely curious. :D

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Actually, I spoke with Galc last week about more area art and I'm working on it, albeit slowly.


Though, yes, at the moment BG1 NPC, Cleric Remix and Unfinished Business demand most of my time.


I am also worried my laptop is about to die a painful death so I am hurriedly trying to save stuff and prolonge its life. I have not suffered from the m0ddar's hraddisk krahs yet and I don't intend to do so unprepared. :rolleyes:

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I was occupied with several other projects *cough*Bestial Animations*/cough*, so I haven't been able to make myself some time for the area art. I will have more time during the summer breaks, so that should explain quite a bit.



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