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3 cheers for Domi and team


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This topic serves no purpose other than thanking Domi and her great team for bringing one of the, if not THE best BG1 mods to the community. With the NPC Project Baldur's Gate became alive. Without living NPCs the game is mostly hack 'n slash, but now it has the potential to be better than BG2 in my humble opinion.


So thanks once again for this dedicated work !


I have postponed my next reply of BG1 until the interjections are implemented. I hope phase 2 will be released before holidays. :blush:


With best regards,


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All of the modders are so talented,sometimes I just shake my head in wonder and amazement at all the things you guys do, it must be really difficult and time consuming to code and and just to think up some of the things that goes into the mods.....


You have made BG1 enjoyable again and BG2.


I think that you guys deserve at the very least a standing ovation.


*throws roses and lots of hugs and Kisses* to all the modders for all the hard work you do.

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.






Simply Amazed

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Guest happypg

Yes, thank you for a great project! You guys keep making a great game even better. I wish they would have created more BG type games (like the old gold box SSI games), but the great modders out there really keep the games fresh and fun to play.

Thanks again!

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What they said. :D


This mod is what finally got me to try Tutu, and it's been great so far. The characterization is very well done, the comments are in appropriate places ... a really first rate job!


Thanks for breathing new life into a great game.

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