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Please someone help with this cursed patch!


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I've installed BG1 and I'm trying to install the patch BGTalesUS5512.exe (planning to use big world project in a few days). When I double click the .exe file, a box comes up very briefly to show files being moved (I'm assuming to the temp folder) but then the box disappears and... nothing happens. BGTalesUS5512.exe appears in my processes window in my task manager, but just hangs there indefinitely. What can I do to manually patch or stop it from hanging there and actually patch the client?


Oh and I'm running Windows 7 and have my UAC and antivirus software disabled.


Thanks in advance.

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Where have you installed your game? Hopefully not in C:\Program Files...



I've installed it in C:\Games\Baldur's Gate (for BG1) and C:\Games\BGII - SoA (for BGII and ToB). I noticed yesterday that it said the version in game was .5524, so I'm actually wondering now why I would need that patch for BWP if there's a newer version than .5512.

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Since the most recent version of the game is 5521, I wonder how you managed to get this version. What version are you using ? 6 CDs, 3CDs, DVD+CD, GoG, elsewhere ?


You've got me there. I wrote it from memory without checking in game. It's 1.3.5521. But yeah, it's GOG's version.

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Not only both 3 CDs and GoG version do not need any patch, but installing a patch on them will damage those versions.
Are you absolutely sure about that ? As in, it's irredeemably broken...


As the GoG version will require the ToB play cd after the patch to v1.3.5512 yes... but that's only because the version was made from the original version with a no-CD patch that might be incompatible with other BGMain2.exe patches like it was with Widescreen mod before the 2.60 update. And by the way the version flag says it to be v1.3.5521 even though if you use the original game and the 5521 patch, it won't be the same version nor contain the same file structure... so the version flag is out of standard and thus the game is, not official. Just goes to show the quality of the GoG games.


Besides the v1.3.5521 patch is actually a beta patch that was never refined to be an official patch... so the GoG and even the Original Saga versions are not actually patched to the latest official version of the game.

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Are you absolutely sure about that ? As in, it's irredeemably broken...

This is what the old Bioware site (now gone) used to say.


But if you ask -me-, my hypothesis about the potential problems :


GoG : CD check restored (so the GoG version will be unplayable since there are no CD to start with).


3 CDs : if installation is not full, the game won't ask for the right CD and won't recognize the existing CD files (because they are compressed in 3 CDs version unlike the 6 CDs version and you just restored the 6 CDs version of the executable that does not understand compressed files)


So, yes, it's somewhat a bad idea to install this. But if BG1 will only be used by BGT, I suppose that would be "fine".

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