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Aklon's Bio


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Aklon. A LN human monk.


Height: 6'7"; Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Blue, Age: 37 (or just, older, if you prefer).




Strength: 16 (Years of combat training and rough living)

Dexterity: 18 (The same)

Constitution: 13 (Not spectacularly enduring, but better than the norm)

Intelligence: 15 (From 13) (Native intelligence and extensive education.)

Wisdom: 15 (Long experience in the world)

Charisma: 12 (About average. You weren't expecting a single digit value, right?)



BIOGRAPHY: Aklon is a consummate wanderer, having spent almost his entire life travelling across Faerun and more distant lands to the East and South. Aklon has passed through every part of Faerun, lived in many cities, survived in harsh wilderness and fought many battles. The constant travel, combined with a wide ranging education in his youth, have given Aklon a measure of knowledge and experience unusual in a man of his age.


Though Aklon's skills are those of a fighting monk, he is not a member of any fighting order. Rather, his battle skills are an eclectic mix of western and eastern martial traditions, combined with vicious fighting moves learned in innumerable tavern brawls across the face of Toril.


PERSONALITY: Aklon is a calm and collected soul, unfazed by most things, since he's likely seen it, or something close to it, before. For things that he hasn't seen before, Aklon has an insatiable curiosity and his primary motivation in life is to learn and explore. Despite his vast experience, Aklon does not boast about his skills and accomplishments, though he freely offers advice without being asked. If people choose not to take that advice, Aklon will generally make no additional comment. Aklon is a tolerant individual, for the most part ignoring strictures of good and evil, but he does have his own peculiar brand of morality. For the most part, Aklon will get along with people who treat him with politeness and if forced to remain with unpleasant company will adopt a policy of silent toleration.



Aklon will romance females of any race, so long as their CHA is 8 or higher and their INT is 10 or higher.


This is just the basic info found at Aklon's homepage here.

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One of your dialogues don't sound well enough:


Aklon: Hmmm, yes, it is perhaps your defining characteristic. I would like to know how you judge who is evil and needs to be fought and who is not.


To me, it sounds like a run-on sentence. The first thing that I recomend to be corrected, is the less use of ands. Perhaps use some other conjunctions instead.



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Yes, a definate editing job needed there. I do tend to use "and" an awful lot.



Aklon: Hmmm, yes, it is perhaps your defining characteristic. I would like to know how you judge who is to be the reciever of your wrath, how you judge who is good and who is evil?




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Yep, Dancer Fitz and JPS are right, Aklon is 6' 7" (197cm) tall, so he's one tall boy. Giants (in human terms) start at about seven feet, I believe, so while he is tall, he's not ridiculously so.


Just imagine Darth Vader without the black armour. :D

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