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Progress update - 21/12/04


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Guest Nihilistic Dream
Quite a lot of stuff has been done since the last update.  Bear with me, as a new progress update should be appearing in the next couple of days :).


Good, i was hoping this mod would make it soon. becouse i always hated the smallness of TOB... i always wanted to create a mod for TOB wich included Zazzespur Darromar and the ruin castle of tethyr(with the blood throne under it, wich is a original D&D quest)

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I've been pretty busy both in Real Life and with a handful of other modding projects (both IE and non-IE) for the past few months, so not much progress has been made recently. However, once those projects are out the way (which should be fairly soon), I'll be able to devote far more time to LoI :).


Since I prefer to write up most of a mod's dialogue before coding it, it's unlikely there'll be much to take screenshots of for some time yet :D.

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