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Progress update - 21/12/04


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Quest progress!


I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm focusing on LoI's quests during the winter break. I've got some other stuff to do as well, but hopefully significant progress should be made within the next couple of weeks.


Today I wrote a detailed outline for a lengthy quest involving the Hidden, and a basic outline plus initial dialogue for another lengthy quest which sees you working for a certain red dragon.


At the moment we seem to have more long quests than short ones, so I'll have to see about coming up with a few more minor tasks. Suggestions welcomed, of course! :)

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The have been a few developments, but I'd like to wait until they're further along before saying anything ;).


EDIT: actually, I can announce that the Ding0 has been given access to the private LoI workrooms, meaning you can expect the quality level of this mod to go up a notch ???.

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Maybe completely off-topic, but it might be a good idea to re-organize the forums a little, seeing that portions have been altered/abandoned. I get quite confused at present on what's active and what's not. Or as alternative, create a list (if you have'nt already and I stupidly missed it) that describes what is "in" the Mod, what is a "maybe" and what is abandoned. :)

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