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There is an issue with the romance bug fixes. APPLY_BCS_PATCH_OR_COPY will happily overwrite modded scripts. I think a reversion to a mass of REPLACE_BCS_BLOCKs may be the only way around it.


Apologies for opening up a closed topic.

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Gah, I had forgotten about this. We need to back them out of REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK because it's unreliable, mainly, and because some of the .bcs files from EoU are zero bytes to boot. Oh, and SPIN*** (whatever it was, there's one spell) needs to be made patchriffic.

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I don't know where this came from - if it was from the original Baldurdash or from Ease of Use. I always used to buy Edwin the Robe of Vecna. While I have the Bonus Mechants since my old CDs were getting crappy and I have the bonus disk, I don't know where the merchant in Ribald's place who sells the robes and armour stuff came from. I haven't found her with the new Fixpack.

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You can find BioWare's bonus merchants in Ease of Use and, I think, Unfinished Business.


I am actually in favour of including the bonus merchants in the fixpack since they are BioWare content, in their own component of course.

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Actually, they're not in UB, but if there's demand I suppose it could be put there.


To be honest, though, I wouldn't mind seeing it in the Fixpack, at least in the "Not a Fix But Cool" component.

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Huh, I always thought one of the official patches enabled them.


edit: And yeah, there it is from the ToB patch readme:


* Adds to the Adventure Mart in Shadows of Amn the merchant Deidre and the special items from the Collector's Edition of SoA.


I'd say they go in the core components.

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