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Damage of Weapon should increase upon level up of NPC?


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If I want to equip my NPC with a weapon which gets more powerful during the game without the player noticing, how would I realize this? If I use #73 (Extra Damage Modifier), #250 (Damage Modifier) or #285 (Melee Weapon Damage Modifier) via custom kit, it would apply to the cre - and add up with other weapon damages, I presume.


Is there a possibility to increase the damage of a weapon via spell?

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Personally I'd set the SPECIFICS field in their cre file to some value and add an external eff file (#177) to the equipping effects of your weapon, ids targeted to match their SPECIFICS value, this eff file would grants a bonus through opcode #73, #285 or whatever. You can add multiple instances of the equipped eff and use level restrictions (in the dice values) so that it will grant higher bonuses as they level up.

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Never ever touch specifics for such purpose unless you really know what you're doing. Specifics are factions in BG, and some scripts rely on them.


Make sure no other character can wield the weapon and use 146, scale the resource SPL with levels. It won't affect the base damage, but it can add 1d2 - 1d4 - 1d6 etc. fire damage or something like that.

Other solutions are not worth the effort.

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