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Creature corrections

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Lady Lilith Lurraxol (TRCUT05.cre + TRFUED01.cre): normally LE, should be CN.


Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar (TRFUED05.cre + TRFUED06.cre): normally N, but changed to CE by Overisght. N is correct.


BTW Lady Lurraxol is supposed to be a level 4 thief rather than a level 14 illusionist, Lord Alibakkar is supposed to be a level 0 fighter not a fighter 8 / mage 12... but I guess such things are outside of the scope of the mod, eh? :)



High Merchant Logan Coprith (CELOGAN.cre + TRCUT07.cre): CELOGAN.cre's class is innocent, whilst TRCUT07.cre's class is paladin. (Note: both are level 12, though in pnp he's actually level 8 ;))



Arkanis Gath (C6ARKAN.cre + C6ARKAN3.cre + ARKANISG.cre + VVARKAN.cre): inconsistent naming (the two C6 variants are Arkanis, the other two are Arkanis Gath), inconsistent levels (C6 = fighter 17 / thief 1, others = fighter 7, thief 21), inconsistent THAC0, saving throws, items, etc, etc... in fact, is this even the same guy? :D



I may have some more, so stay tuned! :)

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Lady Lilith Lurraxol (TRCUT05.cre + TRFUED01.cre): normally LE, should be CN.


Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar (TRFUED05.cre + TRFUED06.cre): normally N, but changed to CE by Overisght.  N is correct.

Are you referring to P&P? Because I'd say making BG2 more closely fit P&P than it does is entirely, conceptually outside the range of this mod. Things Bioware chose to change are not bugs.

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I said in another thread that I agree the purpose of this mod shouldn't be to make BG2 more pnp-like. However, it shouldn't be to make it less pnp like than it already is (which is what changing Alibakkar from neutral to chaotic evil does) either.

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Lord Alibakkar and Lady Lurraxol are both quite willing not only to kill each other, but also to kill you without any form of provocation for the Mantle--whichever one hires you attacks you just in case you might be thinking about giving the Mantle to the other. That is not Neutral behavior. Whether something is more or less like tabletop D&D is entirely irrelevant to whether it's a bug within BG2. A Neutral character who attacks people without cause is a bug. If the versions of Lady Lurraxol and Lord Alibakkar who appear in a tabletop supplement are Neutral and also given to casually killing people who cross them, then their Neutral alignment is a bug there, too.

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Just because your opinions on alignments happen to differ to Bioware's, doesn't make a decision they made on the subject a bug.


EDIT: oh and if Alibakkar really were CE, he wouldn't care less about "proving" his claim with some silly trinket; he'd simply hire someone to assassinate his rival. An LE or perhaps a NE person might prefer to go the proof route, but not a CE character.

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The relevant question here is how Lurraxol and Alibakkar behave within the scope of BG2. Changes, especially ones as subjective as alignment, can and should be vetted. It seems like evil, at the least, has been established on the weight of Kish's argument (and also NM's counter concedes evil). The lawful v chaotic bit is a bit more difficult to assess based on what we see in game.


From a practical point of view, I'm going to declare Alibakkar and Luraxol NE (on the basis that they act similarly within the game) and order everyone back to the salt mines. More fixin', less arguin'.


The other inconsistencies need to be fixed.

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I've got another one, which hopefully shouldnt cause so much debate :). This time it's Khollynnus Paac, who appears both in the final Cowled Wizard enforcers encounter, and as the person who sends the Solamnic Knights home.


The stats for the former Khollynnus Paac (MAGE16C.cre): 16th level LE Female Elf Mage (Abjurationist)


The stats for the latter Khollynus Paac (MGKHOL01.cre): 17th level N Male Human Mage (Abjurationist)



Khollynus Paac is the leader of the Cowled Wizards in pnp, but that doesn't shed much light on the issue. All that says is "Khollynnus Paac, a textiles merchant and 17th-level wizard".

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I would change MAGE16C's name to Cowled Wizard. It is conceivable that you could kill her via the enforcer spawns, and then hire her to save the knights for the mage stronghold quest.


Note that MGKHOL really is a woman, but her sex/gender may have been set incorrectly.

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TRCUT07 is a version of Logan strictly for the cutscene pronouncement that you're being made Hero of Trademeet. Your only interaction is within the cutscene, and he promptly EscapeArea()s after the cutscene. As such, I just clone CELOGAN and change the important bits (DV, scripts, dialogue file). In super-anal-retentive mode, all of Logan's colors are assigned from the random color 2da files. We can potentially have a brunette, blue clad Logan give way to a blonde, green clad Logan for the cutscene. Do we want to nail down Logan's colors for both files?


// makes Logan's cre files consistent
COPY_EXISTING ~celogan.cre~ ~override/trcut07.cre~
 WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~~ #40
 WRITE_ASCII 0x280 ~trcut07~ #18
 WRITE_ASCII 0x2cc ~trcut07~ #8


For Arkanis, does he ever show up outside of killing the PC? If not, I don't think we really have anything to fix.


devSin's got the correct solution for the Paac problem as well. Paac is referred to by name in the Solamnic Knght journal entry so the illegal-magic-use spawn one gets a name change. We've already got the MGKHOL female correction.


// there can be only one. Paac.
COPY_EXISTING ~mage16c.cre~ ~override~
 SAY 0x08 #15232
 SAY 0x0c #15232

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