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IR v4 Beta (last update 20 June 2017)

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Oh right, I messed up the component's name, i'm sorry, it's the sensible prices components that must have faulted somewhere because the 2 different long swords +1 had different prices. I'm not done just yet with my playtest but i'll look into these "different but no" items soon.

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Demi cast Raise Dead on self...


Sorry if I disappeared again, time to wrap things up! Thankfully Mike is still around (I love you man :worship: ) and I think I can dedicate 1-2 hours per day to modding for quite a few weeks before I have to get back to work.


I'll try to read all the posts I missed and start to understand where I have to start. :unsure: Brb

Nice! Hi demi!
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Demi cast Raise Dead on self...


Sorry if I disappeared again, time to wrap things up! Thankfully Mike is still around (I love you man :worship: ) and I think I can dedicate 1-2 hours per day to modding for quite a few weeks before I have to get back to work.


I'll try to read all the posts I missed and start to understand where I have to start. :unsure: Brb

Nice! Hi demi!



We need Resurrection here... :)

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To me, it would just make so much more sense to simply recommend installing all of current Item Revisions before 1pp if you're going to install both of them...and then making some sort of additional "compatibility" component for Item Revisions that fixes the few inconsistencies/bugs that there are between 1pp and Item Revisions that would be the only component you'd install after both 1pp and Item Revisions. That would be what I'd do, anyways.


Several months passed and we can hardly see the end of the (1PP) tunnel but this solution, proposed by Bartimaeus, seems to me viable and not as time consuming.


He has reported a rather detailed feedback about the graphical incompatibilities and the list was short.


Demi and Mike1072 seem to have (had) very little time to dedicate to this. I might try and take a shot at it but I am not sure I could pull it off nicely and I'd need some more expert modder to check my code but so far helping hands have been scarce.


The waning interest and the low modding activity level does not help either.

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Is Item Revisions changing usability for the Shield of the Order so that only clerics and paladins can use it?


The description erroneously reports it to be usable by fighters.

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Also, the Obsidian Stone drains a fixed amount of HP.


The character wearing it might go under 0 and still go around happily.


I would change the current effect 17 with effect 12, stunning damage, with a set% of 75.

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Here's updated armor & shield list for SoD. Just extract to your EE folder (or SoD, I only play EET so I extract to EE2 folder, wherever IR goes anyway) and install. It makes new shields and armors behave as instructed by IR code.

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K'logarath's "Slicing" effect (save vs. death or take an extra 2D6 slashing damage) actually does crushing, not slashing.



(e): Belt of Inertial Barrier has an undocumented 50% penalty to move speed in its "Inertial Barrier" effect.

It doesn't, it has a 0 probability. It had wrong power level on few effects however, fixed.


(e): Some of Bracers of Blinding Strike's unique ability's effects are set to a duration of 20 instead of the 18 they're supposed to be.

Tweaked, they give you 1xday WW attack.


(e): After all these years, Ring of Human Influence STILL targets the caster instead of the target...hah.



(e): Werebane says it gains +4 to damage against vampires and werewolves, but only gets a +2 vs. the vampires.



(e): Werebane also doesn't seem to have a melee variant...and I don't mean just a DAGG09A and DAGG09B: it has no melee abilities of any sort even on DAGG09.

........not fixed.


(e): Werebane also seems to have an undocumented +1 to APR, unlike all other (enchanted?) throwing daggers.



(e): Throwing Axe (non-enchanted) has a melee attack, yet doesn't mention it in the description like other throwing axes that you can also use in melee.



(e): Dagger of the Star's Stardust effect (DVSTDUST) does not provide a save for any of its effects, contrary to its description.



(e): Dagger of the Star +5's main variant is the melee version, unlike every other throwing dagger in the game. Not a big deal, just a minor inconsistency. It also doesn't seem to have a B variant, but I am guessing that is because DotS +5 is a forged item by Cespenar and has 0 lore to identify (meaning it's automatically identified without examining it), which appears to be reasoning behind having B variants (instead of just using the base variant when you switch back from the A variant, so you don't have to re-identify the item every time you switch variants). (e):Crom Faeyr's main variant is also melee only, too...hm.

I don't see this as a bug.


(e): Asp's Nest's poison effect appears to be wonky, at least it appears to be to me. Type 0(?) poison effect with 40 damage over a duration of 40. Shouldn't this be type 3, value 3, duration 120 based on the description?

Need to check, I'm unfamiliar with poison mechanic.


(e): Suryis's Blade's staggering effect seems to set the target's APR to 0.5 instead of decreasing it by 0.5 (unless TobEx changes the functionality of this opcode, anyways). I am not sure if there is a valid decrease by 0.5 value for that opcode, though. Perhaps type 2 value 6 for something more workable?

Yea.....can't be done. I've tested this opcode myself, believe it or not this (and reducing apr to 0) is the only way it works properly.


(e): Drowcraft Shield +3 only gives 5 AC in the main base IR component. Shouldn't this be 6? Base shield is 1, +3 for enchantment is 4, Drowcraft AC bonus is +2 is 6. Unless the "Drowcraft" AC bonus is inexplicably only +1 for shields, I guess. Personally, I think the Drowcraft text should be revised to be more clear, like " Drowcraft: +1 bonus to AC".


(e): Blackmist's unique ability does not mention a save vs. spell, when in fact, it does allow for one. (e): Also, it doesn't mention a duration, which it probably should, considering it's 10 turns.

Fixed, along with wrong power levels, blindness now lasts for 1 turn (600 seconds is crazy), and the desc matches it's effects


(e): The Wave mentions a Fire Eating ability that kills various types of fire entities upon the Smashing Wave effect hitting them - however, this death effect is actually only applied to the melee attack, not the Smashing Wave spell. As such, it will only attempt to kill the one directly hit by your melee attack when a Smashing Wave goes off, nobody else. This is not what the item description suggests.

Fixed and tweaked. Now only the Smashing Wave gets the slaying effect, and it allows no save anymore. Net effect, this weapon has 15% chance to outright kill fire dwellers.


(e): Dwarven Thrower's description suggests (or at least I think it does) it does an extra 1D4(+1?) base damage when thrown, but it actually does 2D4 even in melee. Dwarven Thrower's variant switching ability has the wrong icon - should be IHAMM06, not IHAMM07.

Desc already states it's correct (2d4) damage.


(e): Runehammer +4's "Champion's Strength" uses the SPPR513B (Righteous Magic) icon instead of the SPPR507B (Champion's Strength) icon.



(e): Cloak of the Wolf's special ability should *probably* use the SPIN155 icon, a la other Polymorph abilities from items.



(e): Armor of Missile Attraction +3 mentions being studded leather, but the armor class specified in its description (5) suggests leather armor. However, the actual given AC bonus appears to be 4, so it does seem to be studded leather.



(e): Karajah's Leather Armor +3 says it gives a +2 bonus vs breath, but it actually gives +3.

Fixed to match description.


(e): Skin of the Ghoul's description lists strength requirement and weight for leather armor instead of hide armor, but actually has hide armor's in reality.

Fixed, now the descritpion is correct.


(e): Aeger's Hide seems to have some sort of raging effect on it that is not listed in its description?

It was used before, now probability is 0, so it's fine.


(e): Wyvern's Tail and Iron Bow of Gesen just say "THAC0: +x" instead of "+x bonus". Similarly, Runehammer (both +3 and +4) do not have "bonus" after the Magic Resistance, either.



(e): Orc Leather +2 has 15 weight instead of 20 (and also an enchantment level of 3 instead of 2, but that doesn't really matter, I don't think).

Fixed. Now it has a weight of 25, enchantment of 2.


(e): Book of Infinite Spells allows you to cast invisibility (MISC3A1) on somebody from a range of 25 away. Probably a bug. (e): Also, the Book of Infinite Spells casts the priest variant of True Sight (MISC3A3) instead of the wizard. Its range and targeting is also wrong. (e): Same with the Wyvern Call variant (MISC3A6), the Fireball variant (MISC3A), and the Stinking Cloud variant (MISC3A7) - these last two should be cast spell at point with area targeting, not cast spell at target with creature targeting.

Fixed, Invisibility obeys the same melee range as wizard spell, True sight is clerical and will stay - it's targeting and range are fixed, Wyvern fixed (tweaked to summon via eff) fireball works fine, cloud gets any point within range targeting.


(e): Methild's and Azlaer's Harps can be used by Cleric/Fighters, for some reason.



(e): Unholy Reaver says it does +6 damage to creatures of good alignment, but it looks like it actually only does 5?

Fixed, now description states it does +5.


(e): Cloak of the High Forest gives saving throws and AC bonus instead of elemental resistances or spell immunities, regeneration is every 20 seconds instead of every 12

Fixed and improved.


Staff of the High Forest gives the spell immunities that are supposed to be on the cloak, does not give casting speed bonus...also gives immunity to entangle



Jansen Spectroscopes gives undocumented immunity to blindness, detect invisibility ability is weird and should be looked at

Descrription now states blindness immunity, DI projectile fixed.


Firecam Armor has 50% magic damage resistance instead of listed 40%

Fixed, it's now 40.

Sword of Arvoreen has enfeebling says duration 6 in the description, actually is 12

Fixed, now it's 6.


(e): Chaos's (NPSW06) wounding effect is every 3 seconds instead of every 6, and does 1 damage, not 2. Should probably just use one of the standard bleeding spells (e.g. dvbleed2). Probably not a bug, but along with a few other items' effects, like Angurvadal's Incendiary effect, could probably be explained better in the description.



(e): Corthala Family Armor's flavor description mentions charm immunity, but the actual equipping effects do not



(e): Doomplate doesn't seem to get the touted -5% penalty to thieving skills(?)

Doomplate doesn't allow thieving at all....


(e): Ring of Djinni Summoning (RING26) has incorrect targeting.

Fixed, now it's self.


(e): Wand of Sleep says duration 60, actually is 30.

Fixed; it now lasts 30 and descriptions states so.


(e): Web Sack has the wrong icon for its ability - should be IWAND14, not IWAND13.



(e): SLNG06 has icon ISLNG02 for its extended effect instead of ISLNG06.



(e): Backbiter's self-damage effect is a flat -3 instead of the 1D6 it purports. Unsure why opcode 12 with self-targeting isn't used here.

Fixed, damage is now implemented via opcode 12, 1d6.


(e): Staff of Thunder & Lightning's "Lightning & Thunder" ability saves vs. wands, not spell...and at an unmentioned -2 penalty for the damage.



(e): DVEMPATY (Staff of the Woodlands' "animal empathy" charm effect) is a little messed up - the charm opcode does not have any penalty contrary to the description, but the other two opcodes do. It also wouldn't hurt to have the description to state the length of the charm effect.

Fixed, description now says 5 rounds


(e number eleventy billion): STAF15 uses the wrong icon for its Gust of Wind ability? Maybe? I would've expected it to use SPPR318B here, not whatever it's using now.

Not a bug. Icon is used by SR's GoW spell.


(e): Staff of Fire's Incendiary effect has a very minor bug - the second flame animation plays at delay 6 instead of delay 12.



(e): Staff of Rhynn has the wrong icon for its Greater Malison ability - should be SPWI412B, not SPWI326B.



(e): Serpent Shaft does not provide a save for its Viperous effect(!). You know, the one that does 120 damage in 12 seconds...



(e): Actually, Ravager doesn't for its Viperous effect, either! Yikes!



(e): Moon Blade gives +50% fire resistance instead of the 40% in its description.

Fixed, description is changed (50%).


(e): Arbane's Sword has an unmentioned Haste special ability. This is not its "Hastening" combat ability.

Fixed, the "magical" ability is removed.


(e): Dragon Slayer has an undocumented "courage aura" of some sort.

Probability is 0.


(e): DVBRNWND.spl (Blade of Searing's combat ability) seems a little off - other wounding effects work by delaying the first bit of bleeding damage by 6 (presumably to simulate "bleeding out"), but Burning Wounds here does immediate damage instead.

Can't say this is a bug, untouched.


(e): Shazzelim should *probably* be immunity to silence instead of straight up vocalize, as it can be used to cure silence in the middle of battle as it is right now.

Vocalize effect removed.


(e): Celestial Fury's Batto's deafness opcode gives a -1 penalty to save, unlike all the other effects.



(e): Boots of Elvenkind do not have the abilities described, and instead just give +1 to dexterity, +25% to stealth, and immunity to entangle.

They seem to do..


(e): Warblade's listed weight is 12, but it's actually 11.

Fixed to match desc.


(e): DVDISPEL (Carsomyr's dispel ability): mismatched save penalties between the different opcodes.

Fixed. It still destroys illusionary w/o save, this I think is intended.


(e): Base IR Storm Stars have two better speed factor than they should.

They actually should :), not a bug


(e): DVWITHER (Spear of Withering "Contagious" effect) seems to do 2 damage per second instead of the listed 1.

Fixed, now it does 1/sec.


(e): Sensate Amulet gives +2 to Charisma, not +1.

Fixed, it's now +1.


(e): Spider's Boots of Stealth do not give the stealth bonuses, and have some sort of messed up special ability.

??? There's no such item.


(e): Malakar's "Keen" ability should be under combat abilities, not equipped abilities, per other items that describe the effect.



Malakar's Companion, WAWAK, should have 1 speed factor in base IR, not 0.



Web Sack mentions a -2 penalty to save vs. breath, but doesn't actually give one.

It was fixed previously.

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Good job, kreso.


I would really offer you that beer... :beer:


leat09.itm has also wrong usability flag, by the way. ;)

Give me a beer when I get git.hub to work properly. :rolleyes:



leat09.itm has also wrong usability flag, by the way. ;)

See? That's exactly what I want to see in the morning!

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Really interested in those fixes too! Sadly my ability to ignore visual bugs/inconsistencies is virtually non-existent.


Haven't tried either of the Revisions mods before for some reason, but some of the changes look fantastic. Great to see folk still working away on this game after all these years.

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