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Imoen213.cre doesn't have her override script assi

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And actually, yeah, that'd not a half bad idea. All we need to do is remove her belt via script, change her DV (or any script that checks for Imoen2), change her override script, and... anything else?

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Fix her dialogues. Some are Imoen, some are Imoen2 - they need to be in the same .dlg.


Won't this cause problems for the numerous amount of mods out there appending the IMOEN2-dialogues, btw?

So would we change it so everything uses Imoen2 as thats what mods all check for (dialogue file and death variable)?

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All right, as far as I can tell it's impossible to change a DV, and I wouldn't know whether interdia.2da and pdialog.2da would sort of be "re-evaluated" if we did that. If not, I'm not sure how we'd go about assigning her a banter file, since there's no equivalent for SetDialog() or SetLeavePartyDialogFile().

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Right, I was missing something, then...


Eh, couldn't we change the references from Imoen2 to Imoen, then, to have her DV be Imoen all the time?


EDIT: Or the opposite, Imoen -> Imoen2.

Yes, this is what I was suggesting. If all versions of Imoen use Imoen2 at their DV and the IMOEN2 dialogue files then compatibility shouldn't be an issue (if we change the CI scripts to use Imoen2)

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We also need to balance this against Imoen's level when you pick her up at Spellhold. Implementing one creature from CI to SH would either result in her being way behind the party's level or we'd need a script that would give her XP when she was picked up. Either would stand out against other joinable NPCs.

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I find the odd way she gained so much XP while being holed up in Spellhold disconcerting, myself. Then again, I doubt I'd have as much problem playing with an NPC that started out level 1 while I was level 9, or similar. See: Ghareth, Goo, Hubelpot.


Sigh. The Imoen factor adds so much suck to BG2. :-\ I'm for keeping her at the amount of XP she had in Chateau Irenicus if we go through with this component.

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