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Grim Squeaker

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No not gambling :) It's an idea that was discussed in chat inspired by Thief:


<GrimSqueaker> Oooo... S&S idea!

<Andyr> I thought of making a racist elven sharpshooter. there is a racist elf organisation in FR. They think Humans suck.

<GrimSqueaker> Add Blackjacks to the game

<GrimSqueaker> Use club profiency but knock people out

<Andyr> There is a magic Cudgel in S&S.

<GrimSqueaker> Add generic ones as well

<GrimSqueaker> Its a thief tool that'd be useful

<GrimSqueaker> Like using your fists to knock out, but actually causing some damage and using your profiency ;)

<Andyr> What, 50% chance of casting a version of Sleep that ignores MR on target?

<Andyr> post in S&S workroom plz

<GrimSqueaker> Will do

<GrimSqueaker> Just need Blackjack, +1, +2 etc and then maybe some unique one that belonged to a master thief (Maybe Garrett as a tip of the hat :))

<Andyr> :)

<Andyr> I will add a chance of knockout to the next version.

<GrimSqueaker> Cool

<GrimSqueaker> And generally add blackjacks to thief/fence-type merchants

<Andyr> Maybe a duration of 1 turn, not 1 round. Not 50% though. Maybe 10%, or 20% for +1 or 30% for +2.

<GrimSqueaker> Yeah

<GrimSqueaker> It'd be cool if you could have it increase based on their health

<Andyr> too hard for me.

<GrimSqueaker> e.g. have that as the base +5% for each 25% of their health they've lost

<GrimSqueaker> Get Cam ;)

<Andyr> I couldnt be arsed. And don't know if it can be done.

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