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I'm writing a component that will make use of the variety of books in the game. But I can't remember where a lot of them are located. Please post if you've found a book in a container in the game or are handed a book by a character in the game; I need locations where books are found as treasure.


Some I've discovered:

Elminster hands you a book in Beregost

There's a book in the hay in Chapter One in Candlekeep

Unshey hands you a book if you complete her girdle quest in the Friendly Arm Inn

There's a book in the third bookcase in Zordral's tent in Nashkel Carnival



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Rinnie also wants you to search a book for her. Maybe this book could turn out interesting for your idea not the moment the PC finds it, but the moment (s)he gives it to Rinnie, who could say a line or two (in a compatible way to the existing Reading with Rinnie component).


Ragefast has books in his home, too. Ramazit also, in the highest level of the tower.


in Beregost and Nashkell are very noble houses, do they have books there? I think so, but I didn't check.


Daveaorn has a library in the 4th level of the Nashkel mines.


--You still could add own books to places where you need "a book" for your idea. This would give you full control of whether the book is actually there, and not altered or removed by another mod.

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I've made a list of them via searching with NearInfinity (instructions below if you want to do it for BG2) and dropped it here. Watch out because several .dlg results are Triggers that are checking for the book or actions that are taking the book away from the party.


Get NearInfinity, open a book's .itm file with it, go to the Edit tab select the button that says Find and click on references to this file. Leave only .cre, .sto, .dlg and .are files checked, and you'll get the result for where each book is :)

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Oh, that's great! I do have NearInfinity and will do that! It does make me wonder why you were looking up books for BG1, though... Have plans for a book quest?


I was having to read Dudleyville's walkthrough line by line... I'm glad I asked, because I'm particularly interested in locations where many players are likely to check. Libraries in enemy locations are excellent (like Ramazith's tower) because most players don't have a problem with checking the bookcases of a defeated villain.


There is a library in the noble house in Nashkel and one in Beregost. Of course, the Entar estate has one.


I did plan on adding some books to certain areas where almost everyone searches containers. For example, there don't seem to be any books in the bandit camp. Surely somebody in that whole camp reads books! That and Davaeorn's library, which exists, but only has scrolls. I'd like to have about twelve to fifteen locations with books so that the likelihood is high that a party will end up running across at least three or four books before reaching Baldur's Gate (I anticipate my quest being finished sometime during Chapter Four or Chapter Five).


EDIT: There are a goodly number of books in Baldur's Gate, but by then, I usually am chasing after the Iron Throne and, so, quests outside of BG tend to get neglected.

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