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Heard you like parties


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This is brilliant - I cannot thank you enough for pushing out the state of the art on this =D

I'm thinking about starting a new BGT/lots of mods/10pp playthrough but i'm wondering whether I should wait still. What do you think? What remains unsquashed?

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Yes, everyone is a party member with full rights, automatically. The script extender has only a soft limit of 10, so you could feed it anything. Extra action objects are trivial to add if anyone convinces me there's a need. The non-game guis are the most annoying bit, but we'll see what we can do in subsequent releases.


sayke: I'd at least wait for a proper gemrb release with this stuff. Should be really soon now too (glares at). You also have to remember that we aren't pixel perfect yet (that's what triggered my two last modder q&a posts), so some stuff can be off/odd.


But do make the complicated install, it would be a good test of the 10pp extender scripts. I'd be interested in the full diffs/ folder it would generate for you, so I can see if there are any other problematic scripts that need special handling. You don't even need gemrb for this part.

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This mod is not only good for permament NPCs, it is good for other situations. You need/want to take on a new NPC, this requires dumping an existing NPC. Under BG2 you have to send the dumped person back through nasty danger back to a tavern. With the mod you can keep the dumped person safe till they can be returned to safety. (EG, in Brynnlaw, dumping someone to make room for Imoen.)

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I really like this. I hope this can be turned into a full-fledged mod that will be available for Big World Project and Big World Setup for mass use.


I really hope that innovation will continue and that options for more than 10 will be supported later.


I suppose that the only mod mutually exclusive to Gemrb is TobEx, but some of those features have already been implemented in Gemrb

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It already is wrapped in a weidu installer. :) I'd be cool if someone worked out a way of bunding perl (for windows users), but that's the only real hurdle.


Most of tobex is already in or irrelevant, yes. It can't hurt to install it (or taimon's extender), since it only touches the original exe, which we don't use.

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well yeah, there are severl distros that could be bundled with the mod or it's windows spin (to avoid useless downloads). Someone would just need to test it and write up all the missing docs beyond what's in the current README.

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That should be covered by the distro, so a link would be fine. Docs for setting it up post install, if they're missing. You basically need the perl executable in the windows/dos equivalent of PATH (exe search path).


Then I'd need to know if the mod works out of the box or do the perl invocations need a windows alternative (or perhaps only more docs).


Then, since people don't read, I can probably add a nice test execution at the beginning, to verify perl is there and usable.

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... and done, we now reduce the heights of all portraits in the framed windows, so no more workarounds for switching in inventory, character sheet and so on. :)


Almost unnoticeable on 1024x768 for 8pp.

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