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[deprecated] Bugs/Typos in v6


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Any way you can post the requisite script change(s) here (if there aren't too many of them) so that those of us who are willing to make the changes ourselves can do so?


Sure. Go into the Dialogue/Interjections.d file and find the block labelled "disappointed by Firkraag" and replace it with this:


// Disappointed by Firkraag

 == G#TYRISJ IF ~InParty("G#Tyris")
			  !StateCheck("G#Tyris",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @5
 == FIRKRA02 @6
 = @7


Then reinstall Tyris.


I tried fixing the file without reinstalling and it doesn't seem to help. I'm pretty sure reinstalling would mess up my whole installation, as I have a ton of mods installed afterwards, including Spell Revisions, Item Revisions, Rogue Rebalancing, Refinements, SCS, BGTTweakpack, BG2 Tweakpack, Atweaks, Level 1 NPCs, etc., etc.


Is there a way to manually put something in override or whatever?


Edit: Nevermind, I just kicked her out of the party, and ran forward to talk to Firkraag before she could run up to me to confirm. Then cancelled the kick-out after the conversation.

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I'm having some difficulty with Tyris right now. At the love talk you have to rest to initiate, the game just freezes when I hit the rest button. I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like it or knew any solutions. I'm using quite a few mods, so the problem may lie in there.


Thanks in advance!

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There is an issue in the Tyris interjections with the Finsol01 (Solar at the final of ToB). They all are triggered by RoamanceActive Global being 2 but there is no check for Tyris to be present at that dialogue. (InParty,etc)

This way the final dialogue of the game is broken if you had the Tyris romance but lost or kicked out the NPC before the showdown.






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Looks like Argent77 did a darned good job but Grim hasn't been around. I will take a swing through and get this into released state and up on the downloads this morning. Thank you for the bug reports! (Argent 77 is the release master fixer, I am just checking this log against the ones fixed in v7.7 found in the forums and tossing in stuff that doesn't show up )


Edit - Roxanne, fix incorporated - all I_C_T and EXTEND_TOP entries into dialogue states on SAREV25J, IMOEN25J, FINSOL01 now have InParty() and !CD_S_NV checks (matching the E_T behavior at the top of the file ..\TyrisFlare\Dialogue\FinalSolarChoice.d )


Looks like Argent77 covered everything else but I am rechecking.

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