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The "extra" proficiencies


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Well one of those extra profs is the club style weapon proficiency.

Other than that, they do nothing.


Now if you install the Detectable Stats/Spells etc, then like indicated above, the profs have additional attributes co-included to them that allow the AI's etc se that this mage for example has FS and should be breached if the script so want to conclude.

The DS is the base where the todays AI components derive their power, SCS/BP and RR, aTweaks for example all use a version of one. That's why their primary component is likely it + some other small things.

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Anybody know if this/will be incorporated into the EE's?

DS, well the aTweaks that has that can be installed on the EE(T) games so... but on the base of v2.0 EE games, nope. -would be my expectation. WHY do you ask ? The reason for not including those things to the game is that other setups can be set if the need would be great enough cause they have the source code to influence, and so it should be easier to just setup a system that's far more less intrusive, what that might be... you'll have to ask from the dolphins about the 42. As the DS is just a tool to composite the wanted scripting patterns.
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DS has been included in BG2EE for ages, and BGEE/SoD will feature it as well. I'll upload the newer version after SoD's release.


Being distributed with the base game doesn't mean much, however, as you still gonna have to account for spell changing mods, requiring you to refresh the DS framework when installing AI. Albeit, it will probably be spell mods from now on, whose duty will be to maintain original DS integrity, as otherwise a number of core game scripts may malfunction.

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it will probably be spell mods from now on, whose duty will be to maintain original DS integrity, as otherwise a number of core game scripts may malfunction.

Is there a forum/thread/site where this is explained or discussed? Is it just a question of setting the right proficiency?


Grammar, I don't think this matters too much in new spells, since they (naturally) won't appear in any core game scripts. But it can be used to identify them as spell protections, combat protections, etc.

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Iirc, there was one person here somewhere around time BGEE2 was released, who wanted to "take" extra proficiencies for his mod (speaking from memory here, so I may be wrong - some tweak to kits I think- unarmed warrior and similar). DavidW said that doing such a thing will make the mod incompatible with SCS, which uses them *all* for scripting purposes. So unless you can manage to make an AI mod superior than what's available now...

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Obviously, I'm not going to make an ai mod superior to SCS. However, it would be nice if scs casters could deal with my created spells. I take it that they could as long as I 'tag' them with a proficiency that is associated with a similar--in the right way--spell, they--ie SCS, and even ee mages--can deal with them

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Hey @Ardanis - a request.


I noticed in that thread that,

// - removed ~134 LEVELDRAIN~ stat, until somebody shows me a live example of the 200th stat NOT working


If there's a free proficiency right now, can you guys leave just one proficiency free for use by something other than DS?


It would be really, really, really helpful for modding/making spells that create weapons (shillelagh, flame blade, spiritual hammer, moonblade, phantom blade, black blade of disaster, plus new spells like adamantite mace, not to mention every polymorph, shapeshift, and shapechange) to be able to set the proficiency level of the spellcaster for the magical weapon without changing any of their existing proficiencies.


A single "special" proficiency would be sufficient to cover all such spells or abilities. But every. single. proficiency. is used by DS. It's super annoying. So, if one of them gets freed up, can you guys leave it free?


kthxbye :)

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