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Updating the IESDP

Bill Bisco

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nah, no cms needed and people are used to the format. I had a similar plan, but more systematic and I also have at least one old release laying around, so history could be preserved. First order of business is to contact igi anyway.

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Not me, it's still way back on my list. I want to convert it to jekyll, so silly mistakes like the hex numbering of opcodes can be avoided automatically, game differences within the same format version more markedly displayed and so on. Github supports it natively.


I suggest you fork qwerty's repo and submit a PR. We have to start somewhere. Though I guess I could just upload all the old versions we have laying around too, so there's no need for rebasing a whole repo later.


ok it's here: https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/iesdp

only managed to go one level back. :(

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If you guys want, whichever repo was originally forked can be transferred to the Gibberlings3 organization and you can all have commit privileges.


I like the idea of hosting it on GitHub Pages since it's convenient to maintain and deploy. I was thinking of maybe using it for mod readmes or mod pages since hosting on the site here is unavailable. I previously tested out the GitHub Wikis functionality for some mod documentation (IR item descriptions), but I think that wasn't a great choice, since all the pages needed unique names and the easy wiki editing wasn't really beneficial for something that didn't require community editing. I also kind of missed the ability to control the styling. I liked Markdown for some stuff, though, so I'm curious if it can be used on GitHub pages in conjunction with custom CSS.

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