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berelinde's Keldorn Romance

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berelinde's Keldorn Romance


This mod introduces a romance for the original BioWare NPC Keldorn. It is compatible with all BGII games: original BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET.


He's loyal. He's brave. He's... single?


Life is an uncertain thing, and changes come when we least expect them.


This mod offers a chance to romance Athkatla's newest... and most reluctant... bachelor. All relationships take work, and this one takes more than most, but the rewards are great, for those patient enough to endure the trials.


This romance is not for everyone. It is certainly not a romance for the hasty. When it begins, Keldorn is grieving after the collapse of his 20-year marriage, and it takes him a long, long time to recover. It deals with mature themes, the real consequences of rejection and recovery, and some players may not want to go through all that, no matter how devoted the would-be love interest becomes in Throne of Bhaal. It is also very, very long, with 35+ talks in Shadows of Amn, though the talks are spaced more closely together to compensate for this.


To begin the Keldorn Romance, you must allow Keldorn and Maria to reconcile. He will only consider himself free if his marriage to Maria is legally ended, and imprisoning Maria will only separate them, not divorce them. Also, Maria's incarceration might present childcare issues that would be impossible to overcome.

The mod also features a quest for all PCs, romanced or not, though that, too, requires a reconcilliation between Keldorn and Maria.



Visit the mod's homepage


Read the Readme


Download berelinde's Keldorn Romance

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Keldorn Romance updates to v2.



  • corrected his waiting coordinates in the Order headquarters for BGII:EE and EET after leaving by kickout dialogue
  • also added compatibility to "Sensible Entrance Points" (from component "Convenience Tweaks and/or Cheats" from TweakPack)
  • added compatibility note to readme

Compatibility note:

ToB, BGT: If you want to install the tweak "Sensible Entrance Points" from TweakPack (component "Convenience Tweaks and/or Cheats"), you have to install it *before* installing Keldorn Romance. If not, Keldorn will wait at a different place as usual in the Headquarters of the Order of the Radiant Heart if sent at home via (mod added) kickout dialogue (not in the common leasure room but in the prelate's office right behind the wall). This is not a game-breaking thing, but it's good to know if you are searching for him in the Order building.


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Heyo, I have a question regarding cross-romancing:


Are there any cross-romance dialogues between Keldorn and the EE romances and/or any of the here listed mod romances, or do the romances just terminate each other without any dialogue at a certain point? For example, in the official romances the companions will get jeallous of each other and ultimately make the player choose, is there any of that with this in this mod?


Just asking because I do enjoy making my companions argue with each other, love-triangles work great for this >.>

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No. Keldorn needs a lot of time to come in terms with his feelings - first the divorce from his wife and then his interest in CHARNAME, of which he thinks is too young (for him). And this will only come this far if there is no other romance active. It's in-character / wanted behavior.


His romance will end if one of the following romances are committed (this is not really related to your question, but I'll post the list anyhow):







-Aran Whitehand



-Sir Ajantis




-Weimer's Solaufein



And for others only not because they are not included (yet).

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Thank you for the quick answer :)


Ah, not even in ToB then?

I did play the mod way back when the ToB portion didn't exist yet during pre-EE days, so I remember the romance never actually getting to any notable relationship status.

I was kinda hoping for something along the lines where Anomen proposes to Charname and Keldorn could interrupt, maybe.


So what then if Charname breaks up with their other partner in ToB?

Is there a way to restart things with Keldorn then?

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Keldorn sneaking up to Anomen and CHARNAME while they retreated for a very personal conversation - that's definitely not berelinde's characterization of the courting Keldorn, sorry.


I don't think a revival of the romance for the case of another romance broken in ToB is considered in this mod afaik. The Keldorn romance builds on a long, long track of dialogues that reflect Keldorn's development until he permits himself to feel what he feels. These won't happen if CHARNAME is committed to someone else. And in ToB, there is just no time for any useful dialogue path. EDIT: It wouldn't be out-of-character, but it's not implemented (and won't be).

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Thanks for the mod!

I have a question - I think I got ninjamanced by Anomen (checked relationship on console after his knighting and it was set to 2). Would breaking it off with Anomen later work, or do I have to reload an earlier save for the Keldorn romance to work out?

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Hm. As long as you set the "AnomenRomanceActive" to "3" now and later have Keldorn's "walk with me" dialogue, it should be alright.


Set Global("B!KelRomRESex","LOCALS",1) to "0", too, if you want to erase it completely (or Keldorn will refer in ToB to the PC not living chaste if the PC tells him she made a vow of chastidy.)


I would be very interested in how the Anomen Romance became comitted, though. Do you have an idea when that could have happened? What were the last dialogues etc. from Anomen you got? The Anomen romance is cded a bit messy amd sets to "2" at times without the PC stating her explicit love, I was hoping to have identified these instances.

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I reloaded a couple of times to find out when exactly this happened, and it was two conversations after Anomen's knighting. Not the one right after the knighting, which triggers upon leaving the Radiant Heart building, but one that occurs a little later on where he thanks you for your help (I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to look up which Lovetalk that is!) No matter which response I chose, it got set to "2" right after that. I noticed Keldorn is still starting conversations after that point, though.

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Yes, Anomen's dialogues after the test (passed / failed) set his romance to committed no matter what the PC says... This is two dialogues before he confesses his love and, well, badly coded. This is not yet considered in the Keldorn romance, I have to think about how to introduce a fix. Thank you for drawing my attention to this!


Keldorn will continue his dialogues until he is ready to draw a conclusion, and before that, the AnomenRomanceActive should not be at "2".

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No, unfortunately it's not, as some dialogue states are missing the RA = 3 action. If tell him ~Do not be an idiot, Anomen. I am no flower, and your poetry fills the area with an aroma far more powerful than any plant.~ in the flower dialogue, the variable should be set correctly, though.


What do you mean it keeps switching back? The only script block setting the AnomenRomanceActive variable to "2" is for BGII:EE a "reset" if Anomen died while his romance was committed (and should only be activated if Anomen died while in romance and in party and was revived again). For the classic BGII, there is none. All other instances are inside dialogues.

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I reloaded the game before the conversation in question and tried to set the romance to "3". Maybe I'm not doing it correctly? What I entered was



After that the conversation happened anyway and it got set to "2".


Sorry about all the questions!

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Ah, yes, in the "what a glorious day" dialogue the AnomenRomanceActive gets set to "2" always (independent of the reply options). And it triggers independent on what the variable is at the moment (RomanceActive does not get checked). It should stay at 3 if you set it afterwards.

In case the "flowers" dialogue happens, be sure to pick the reply option above to make sure the variable stays at 3.


Edit: so, let the glorious day dialogue happen, set the AnomenRomanceActive to 3 afterwards. That should solve the problem. Best you check, though. And just in cause the flower talk triggers, make sure to be very unfriendly (or check and reset afterwards). But the romance should be shut down once it is set to 3 after the what a glorious day talk.


In the next mod version, I'll think of something to prevent the Anomen RA to highjack Keldorn's romance and still let Anomen's romance to play out until his confession. Thank you for reporting and your interest in the mod!

Edited by jastey
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