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EET compatability?

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​@Jarno: I don't think that's true. I'm pretty sure you can install the Weapon Changes subcomponent (among others) without the main component.

​@Question: No, because the strings of all the weapons would be wrong. Strings being the text of the items - most likely, they would just reference random text. The description of one weapon, if not patched via the installer, might just be a random bit of dialogue, for example. However, you can try installing just the Weapon Changes subcomponent, which is what does the 1D10 to 2D6 change, among others.

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Even base IR is fairly compatible with BG2:EE/T, outside of some graphical issues (that are not game-breaking), but I think IRR's only real "incompatibility" with BG2:EE/T is that some BG2-EE-only items are still not handled yet (I have all of the relevant files, but I need to go through them) and BG2:EE's new stores do whatever they want, but outside of those inconsistencies, should be good to go I THINK. If you play it, feel free to let me know any oddities or inconsistencies.

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Thanks for answer. Don't think I will have the opportunity to play EET for a while. I'm asking because I maintain a BG2EE-compatible list of mods on some Polish site and wouldn't want to mislead players about EET compatibility, if it's not entirely true.

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