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BG1 and BG2 use different armour ground icons. I say, why not have the best of both worlds? BG1's leather armour is good, but BG2's looks better for studded leather. BG1's chain is good, but BG2's looks more like splint mail. BG1's mage robes look... better than BG2's. GTREAS02/3.BAM is never used at all. You get the idea.


Okay, so it's a pretty pointless thing to do, and given that you can't identify armour type by anything on the ITM, it probably won't work terribly well. But eh... you love my ideas, right? :)

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I'd say go for it :) perhaps use both the robe ground icons, for two different classes of robes (use the one that looks 'classier' for the more powerful robes.

I'm not sure what to use GTREAS02/03 (am I right in thinking they are identical?) for, but I'd like to see them used for something :)



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Most gems already use the treasure ground icon (even though they have a much nicer one that actually looks like a gem).


Anyway, you can change the ground icon for gold by simply changing MISC07 (I didn't think it would work, but it does), but beware: The GTREAS02 image may look pretty in the editor, but it's ugly as sin in the game.

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I realize that I had started coding and never posted to indicate I was going to do this. :)


I have yet to build a robust enough algorithm to accurately sort armor on the fly. I have, however, built a pretty ginormous list of armor by type, including stuff from mods.

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A few notes from my jaunt through BAM-land.

  • ibolts01 and iquiver0 are unused and appear to be bolt cases. The latter matches the case of plenty inventory sketch and will be restored as such.
  • imisc08 appears to be a pile of silver coins--wasn't BG2 originally going to feature gold, silver, and bronze coins?
  • imisc46 is similar to gtreas0[23] in that it's a big pile of treasure and gems and is also unused.

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