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Tyris Flare v8 Now Available


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Meet Tyris Flare, a red-haired amazon who can kick ass and hurl fire!

Sound familiar? That's because I decided to have a nostalgia trip and recreate a character from ye olde Golden Axe computer games that were released on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis in America) and arcade machines in the 90s. You may also have seen her recently in Golden Axe: Beast Master, though my interpretation of the character is from the older games.

How does she end up in Baldur's Gate II? You'll have to play to find out!

Once in your party, Tyris will banter with all BioWare NPCs and can be romanced by any human/elf/half-elf male PC. Enjoy!

Version 8 adds native EET compatibility, a new alternate portrait, a few bug fixes, and many behind-the-scenes code optimizations.

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Heya CamDawg,


cool for bringing this up-to-date :)

I noticed some minor stuff, while currently (again..) having her in my party.

The init-meeting script went into a loop for me, most likely cause of lvl1npc and her level8.cre file had a bow in the second hand equiped instead of the basic +1 sword. (switched her to bow prof for reasons)

- changed the script (g#tfcut1.baf) from/to

    DisplayStringHead("G#Tyris",~"What the...?"~)
	DisplayStringHead("G#Tyris",104603)  // "What the...?"
	ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton1",Attack("G#Tyris"))  // Tyris
	ActionOverride("G#TFSkeleton2",Attack("G#Tyris"))  // Tyris
	Attack("G#TFSkeleton1")  // Skeleton

She always killed the first skeleton, but thereafter nothing happens. Should probably work without lvl1npc ^^

The g#fix.baf call should be placed on anything but 'F' :) It was stupid of me to chose that very button and it's still implemented the same way!

I even removed the call for that script, cause some of the *wavs are too annoying *whistle* and I switched them to some basic female sounds (kinda fits).


The flirt-stuff: holy hell! increase the dialog-induced-timer or whatever else timer! The 3hour nagging triggers way too often!


Else still a cool mod and everything is working so far!

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